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Frontline Commando free iphone cheats gold war cash ipod ipad app game

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guest 12 yr ago x
Fun game but crashes a lot like when a push notification comes up. I also can't see a rocket launcher in the store. Can someone tell me how to get a rocket launcher?

tags: frontline commando, ipod touch, crate of gold, case of war cash, cheats for free
guest 12 yr ago x
I keep loosing credit/gold for unknown reasons. Also constantly crashes after a minute or two of gameplay. Other than that, its a fantastic game but impossible for me to play.
guest 12 yr ago x
Great game, although you should be able to acquire gold by playing. Awesome graphics just wish we had better weapon options without having to pay.
guest 12 yr ago x
I love this game but you need too much war cash and gold to buy things. It's one where you have to buy better weapons or get stuck on early levels.
Ravian 12 yr ago x
I just hacked it by using cheat engine for G2 phone, so far I have unlimited health and working on gold/wc.
Kelvin 12 yr ago x
Ravian, can you teach how to use cheat engine to gain unlimited health? thks.
Matt 12 yr ago x
Its a very cool game but you cant earn gold or enough cash to buy guns or packs or anything unless you pay for it which sucks. Hopefully the release an upgrade and change that.
Stuck on level 3.
Rachel 12 yr ago x
If you download a free app called tapjoy you can do free things like download certain games to get gold
pat 12 yr ago x
how do i use cheat engine to hack frontline commando
Malik 12 yr ago x
It's cool but how am I going to get a gold bar you now when you shot a person you only get war cash I don't get a gold bar so that's why I go for the cheats
Jacko 12 yr ago x
How do i get unlimited gold?
Faiz 12 yr ago x
I don't now how to play it can somebody please help me
jon 12 yr ago x
how do i get gold and cash im using itouch ipod thanks
jon  12 yr ago x
how do i get unlimited health
goku 12 yr ago x
how do i get unlimited war cash and gold
sosicwitit2  12 yr ago x

Are there any cheat codes for Frontline Commando on iPhone without having to jailbreak phone?
Vicky 12 yr ago x
When ever I play, it either shuts down on me automatically or I die instantly. Plus, I never get any gold
ronald 12 yr ago x
i just want to know how to get free gold without wasting space on my Ipod by downloading games.
matt 12 yr ago x
how can i get gold bars and money
Owenn 12 yr ago x
How do I get unlimited gold by using my iPad? I have 88,000 of war cash, how can I change it to gold?
Ru 12 yr ago x
I'm on the first leval with a helicopter but I do not have enough gold to buy a rocket launcher. What do I do?
Ghost  12 yr ago x
When ur fighting the helicopter try using the first grenade launcher it worked for me and I wish u can exchange cash for gold
Aggy 12 yr ago x
I'm on level 15 and I got 150,000 war cash please tell me how to convert to the gold? I'm really on this game and want use new weapons magic. Thanks.
wolex 12 yr ago x
How do i convert my war cash to gold
super jeep 12 yr ago x
guys just do what i did. the easiest way to get gold at this time (no cheats as of yet) is download tapjoy like someone mentioned earlier. then from there download all the games under "free gold category" and keep downloading. start them up once (if u dont start the new game once ur account in FL commando wont be credited) then close it and delete the program/game. keep doing this....i collected over 500 gold now by doing this just download, start, then delete the games.
John 12 yr ago x
What is gold crate?? I got gold crate on the 10th day of the daily bonus, dont know where n how to use it.. Plz help
AMIT 12 yr ago x
Hi guys, need help. I have completed 9 days, and havent still got medkit. What do I need to get the medkit. Can someone please help
barjai 12 yr ago x
pyoh weh nk blh ko gold free
jargindas 12 yr ago x
hey there..i just finished chapter one,which is impossible to completed without launcher..i played on 4s and just download iap cracker from cydia..then u can easily buy gold..for those not jailbreaker my suggestion is jailbreak ur device haha
Kwy 12 yr ago x
I am stuck at level 15 boss stage, that is really cannot finish without gold, 2 chopper at the same time and around 80 enemy, sucks…
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