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Social Girl iphone game free diamonds coins ipad hacks game app

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guest 12 yr ago x
You can only get about two minutes of playing time an hour. You run out of energy very fast and it takes forever to regain that energy.

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guest 12 yr ago x
It's difficult to earn the coins and diamonds which cause you to level up.
guest 12 yr ago x
How do I change my bedroom? I wish I could change my Doll's appearance too...
Guest 12 yr ago x
You can change your persona apperance. You have to go shopping then go right until you see salon. :)
guest 12 yr ago x
you can earn coins by hangin with your clique and you can earn diamonds by completing your quests
Lost! 12 yr ago x
Socal girls energy needs to go up quicker. Im practically done playing by the time 2 energy levels are filled.
Thx 12 yr ago x
Thx for the help on how to get dimands still low on coins coz my energy wont fill up :(
Flo 12 yr ago x
How do u improve your boyfriends mood??
kaycee 12 yr ago x
anybody has any cheats? n i also wanna know how to change the room.
dominskiezz 12 yr ago x
ok so i have a little cheat for everyone to increase your energy very very fastly you just use all the energy you have then close the game for a little bit go into your settings and adjust the time to 2 hours ahead then go back to the game and your energy will be filled up and then just keep repeating ( iphone cheat)
Purplestorm 12 yr ago x
The way to improve your boyfriend's mood is by clicking on the icon BOYFRIEND and right under the icon DATE is the IMPROVE MOOD. If you are wondering how to change your boyfriend's name is you click the icon BOYFRIEND and in the top right corner you can change his hair name etc
guest 12 yr ago x
how do u get diamonds fast???
Sophia 12 yr ago x
You can change you hair and skin color by choosing which color you want, then selecting the icon you are already on. (skin color, choose skin color again, hair color, choose hair color again.) for energy, once you run out forward you clock on your iPod by 2 hours
Confused! 12 yr ago x
My social girls hair was blonde and it randomly changed to dark brown... How does this happen!!!!?
Cheatlover 12 yr ago x
Help please I am at 90 closet size level 3 on everything I just can't do quest it won't let me the one I'm on now is vote or judge top girls from the apartment but every time I click on judge through the runway my app closes down an I am retired to my iPod home screen please help I can't buy any more stuff and doing the quest is the only way
Myisha 12 yr ago x
When you want more energy use all of it. Close the game completely and set the time ahead for 2 hours then go back to the game and the energy bar should be filled. Keep doing this for as much as you want and so you don't mess up the the time your suppose to go on a date with your boyfriend. Close the game completely and set the time back 2 hrs. Open the game let it load close completely and set the time ahead 2 hrs. And just keep doing it. I was on level 1 did it a lot and got I level 3 in about 15 mins. It better than waiting.
help me! 12 yr ago x
how do you brush your boyfriends hair?
SocialGirlSuperstar 12 yr ago x
Here's a really surefire way to get your energy back really quickly (and it doesn't muck up your game)

1. Go to Settings and set the time 2-3 hrs forward.
2. Visit your game.
3. Go back to Settings and set the time back to normal.
4. When you go back to your game again, your energy will have been refilled.

Hope this helps!!!!!!!
Leesherzz 12 yr ago x
When I was online looking for a cheat to change ur hair color or skin color for free I found that someone has done it before. HOW DO I DO IT!?!??!
jaycee 12 yr ago x
energy runs out too fast, clothes are too expensive & u can only play when u have a date or energy to use
Maddie 12 yr ago x
How do you get diamonds free without having to complete the quests?
Booglie Booglie lol lol lol 12 yr ago x
I need help urgently! How do you get free diamonds? Need them urgently! Please help me someone please please please!
Lol 12 yr ago x
if u want to know how to change your room it depends on the guy you choose as your boyfriend if you choose the blonde hair dude with a plaid shirt you get a hipster room
Steaky98 12 yr ago x
How do u get dimonds help?????????
HelpMe 12 yr ago x
Can you change your boyfriends name if you can how??
1D x.x x  12 yr ago x
How do you get diamonds easyly ?? I'm curious 💎
1D x x x  12 yr ago x
Ok so this is just a fact but if you have the iPod 4 th gen then the time cheat stops you from doing most things so remember to change it back to the normal time
Thanks !!
RoryRevive 12 yr ago x
For some immaculate reason ( I don't hack and I'm not a fraud ) I gained 50,000,000 diamonds. Yes. DIAMONDS. I've spent to whole night buying all the diamond clothing and become leader of the cliques. Has this happened to anyone!? I had JUST gotten the new update as of march 3...
Confused!!!  12 yr ago x
How in the heck do you get diamonds FOR FREE!?!?!??!?! I need to buy more clothes but i dont have any money left so i need the diamonds to be free. How can you get them free!?!?!?!?!?!
Joyce 12 yr ago x
Yes I got 50,000,000 diamonds as well all I did revived a date and it went into - diamonds the next time I came on the game I had all those diamonds
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