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Social Girl iphone game free diamonds coins ipad hacks game app

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Hdjejdjehd 11 yr ago x
How dis you gett all of those diamonds FOR FREE?!?!? Help me!!
Alley 11 yr ago x
I think to get all the free diamond is by reviving a date with ur bf then come back to the game and they'll be there idk cuz that's wat someone said to do
Asha 11 yr ago x
Where is that revive date option?
Leesherzz&Alley(same person) 11 yr ago x
@Asha when u click ur boyfriend go to date then on the bottom it should say revive date
socialgirlluvr2212 11 yr ago x
Thx myisha i was becoming so frusturated with social girl till i
f ound ur cheat
Grams937 11 yr ago x
How do I get a gift to send to a friend?
How do I get more clothes with a higher value so I can go on dates?
CordeliaGirlRoxYurSox(: 11 yr ago x
AWESOMESAUCE!! I got 1,000,000,000 FREE diamonds! You update it and tap revive date for your boyfriend (if it doesn't say that, edit your time to when it'll expire) and it'll say do you want to revive your date for 1004923278383 (blah blah blah) diamonds? tap yes and you have 1,000,000,000 free diamonds! Say "CORDELACOOL" at the end of your post if it worked! (:
Chloe  11 yr ago x
I don't see the resign date. Hmm idk what to do! NEED DIAMONDS!!!
CordeliaGirlRoxYurSox(: 11 yr ago x
Chloe, you edited the time so the date with your BF is timed out? It'll only show if your date is timed out. It may not work anymore since the update was like...2 weeks ago..sorry..but it still might work!!! (:
Ali ❤ 11 yr ago x
I became friends with all the clique girls but how do I get more coins now? I don't wanna buy them...
Sarah 11 yr ago x
Does anyone else go to there settings and not see the time option? Someone help please. I'm tired of waiting.
Sarah  11 yr ago x
And I have an iPhone so it should be working.
Rikki 11 yr ago x
I hav completed friends with all the last girls in the cliques? How do I get more coins order girls to befriend??
sarvenaz 11 yr ago x
it doesn work :(((( for free diamonds ...... :-l
sarvenaz 11 yr ago x
i have to update social girl?? i dl it just 2 days ago...
CordeliaGirlRoxYurSox(: 11 yr ago x
Really sorry if it didn't work. I guess it must have been fixed so others wouldn't get the glitch, but they didn't fix the people who already had the diamonds. And to get coins after befriending the cliques, you just click on the last girl and it'll say you mastered the girl but you can still get coins. I guess.
 11 yr ago x
Yh I got 50000000 diamonds aswell
Bella 11 yr ago x
How did you get it??
I tried didn't work
CordeliaGirRoxYurSox(: 11 yr ago x
It doesn't work anymore, Bella. They fixed the glitch. They didn't fix the people that got their diamonds because they won't be able to track and sort everything out. Sorry :(
Hankster 11 yr ago x
I'm stuck. Have ALL the highest pd clothes and trying to go on dates.... Can't wear anymore points?? Yet my dates keep asking for more and more points?!! Any advice?
BETH. 11 yr ago x
hey, if you want fast energy loads, go to your date and time, and fast forward 2 hours, :)
madi 11 yr ago x
how do you get FREE diamonds wah social girl is practically FORCING you to buy diamonds bc there are some dates where the points are too high and the only way u can match them is to buy clothes, but the clothes cost DIAMONDS, so if u want to keep playing its not that great.
madi  11 yr ago x
bc I already bought all the coin clothes ):
Disgust 11 yr ago x
Please how do you get diamonds and coins for
Me 11 yr ago x
@helpme: you can change your bfs name by clicking boyfriend on the menu (with flowers) and select name- simple!
Me 11 yr ago x
@Sarah: you go to general to find date and time!!!
Ginger 11 yr ago x
Someone pls help me! I just got social girl and I love it but I need more diamonds? What do I do? I know how to do the energy boost and stuff but how about diamonds! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?
mash 11 yr ago x
@madi: i have the same problemm! do you have any solutions yet?
Nicole 11 yr ago x
@madi and @mash I have that problem too! For the sporty dates I just have to let them expire bc there isn't any way to get that many points unless I had like EVERY item that requires diamonds
SLPSWIM 11 yr ago x
How do u send gifts?
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