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Social Girl iphone game free diamonds coins ipad hacks game app

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kfm 11 yr ago x
this is so stupid, how the hell do u play without spending 100.00 bucks on diamonds! i really like this game.... forl ike 5 minutes until i figured this out.. help
Zeyn 11 yr ago x
Hey peeps, I want diamonds for free how can i get emmmm? :3
I want emmmm very fast, :3
megzz! 11 yr ago x
please help! I've heard that you can get free diamonds but I have no Idea how. Also I've been trying to send gifts to friends to complete a task but I dont know how. Please help!
Nicky 10 yr ago x
How did u guys earn 50,000,000???
Mel 10 yr ago x
I went on facebook and made a new account went off of facebook then into the game again and i got 5 million of those purple f things that you can use to become friends with people instantly!! But i wish i got diamonds instead 😔
Cassandra 10 yr ago x
How can I send gifts? I have friends to send the gift to... But the button says [Send (0)]

It won't let me send gifts HELP!!
CaramellDansen 10 yr ago x
I tried to do the time cheat, but IT DID NOT WORK! I used my iPod 4th Gen....
CaramellDansen 10 yr ago x
Hey, when i did the time hack, i got lotta money tho
CaramellDansen 10 yr ago x
Every time i click on DATE, the screen goes black, then returns to the home screen. what do i do?
Dylan  10 yr ago x
Ohemgee, they fixed the diamond glitch! Now I'm stuck with 500 diamonds and not 50,000,000! At least I've got the super awesome clothes. :/
Lovely575 10 yr ago x
Im new here and when I try to go judge runway it says I have to download the newest content but I don't know what I have to download can anyone help me please. Ps I have an iPhone
arrabella 10 yr ago x
Awesome game i love the game
xoFallChan 10 yr ago x
If you wanna change your room, it all depends on the boyfriend you've picked. The first one is sporty, second hipster, third...not sure, possibly peppy. The fourth one in the green shirt with the guitar is the rock room and the last one is possibly girly.

Emma 10 yr ago x
on the last update i also gained about 500000 diamonds which never went down. im not a hacker nor a scammer but it just happened. as i had unlimited diamonds i thought i would buy all the girls and clinques (however its spelt) as my friends and i bought all the diamond chlothes. in the recent update. lost all my diamonds... shame, i was having fun being super rich. :( lol but has this happened to anyone else? ps: i only have 307 diamonds left now since recent update.
Ali's 10 yr ago x
The way I keep the energy is I sorta force myself to use 1 at a time but I guess I couldn't help it so I cheated
Amanda 10 yr ago x
Omg i really need diamonds free cuz i saw this pink strapless dress in the preppy clique and it will help me through a lot of dates and its really cute lol
thebossofstuff 10 yr ago x
okay for alot of you wanting to know how to change your doll's face

get iexplorer on your pc.
then open it. go to apps. social girl. open documents and you'll find user.josn file open it with notepad

you'll see where it says eye style,color,eye brows,mouth,lipstick, skin etc. just change the numbers for them.
i noticed sme of them werent fully done so sometimes your eyes will turn out black.
thebossofstuff 10 yr ago x

you go into that same userdocument that you did for the face alterations

til you see where it say premium unseeded and then type in a number. like 9999 save drag it back here the original file was and then open the app. enjoy
Britney 10 yr ago x
How do you get free diamonds? Two people said that they got 50,000,000 diamonds! I need to retrieve my date but I don't have enough diamonds! I need to know URGENTLY!
Izzy 10 yr ago x
How do I change by best friends hair?
... 10 yr ago x
What happens when you choose new date? I'm scared bc I don't want to mess up our date streak thing...
Alex 10 yr ago x
How do your best friend's hair colour?
Beth annoyed 10 yr ago x
Awwww really want free diamonds any hints girls :((
Fbunny216 10 yr ago x
For all the cheats u need diamonds. What if I have none in the first place?
game-lover 10 yr ago x
i am stuck coz i dont have enough diamonds to go on a date with my bf
game-lover 10 yr ago x
plz hep:(
Sparkle 10 yr ago x
social girl well i have 600 diamonds and i don't know what to do with it you 600 when you complete quests
Vannes 10 yr ago x
I have 953266 diamonds its true
1Dlover 10 yr ago x
If you want to film up your energy go to your phone/iPod/iPad settings and turn off automatic and forward your time two hours then simply go back in to social girl and ur energy will be full x
Skyyy 10 yr ago x
How do I get more hipster coins? I always miss dated with Deven (my boyfriend) because I don't have enough hipster or sporty coins. I don't want this to affect our relationship...
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