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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Kennie 11 yr ago x
Anh! I want the same thing! I don't understand.... lol
Grace101:) 11 yr ago x
How do u earn free stars..... Can u?
Cece 11 yr ago x
How do you get to the d- list i keep running out of energy working and other things.
Debbiee 11 yr ago x
How to finish the sitcom work task? Please help?
Rena 11 yr ago x
How do I date/call someone?? Please help!
Lucas 11 yr ago x
To those who are new to this game, this game is about to be a superstar and in order to become A list superstar you have to accept Arnie job. He will give you 3 options by clicking the NEXT. Secondly, you can earn money by working at Starbeans depends on how many hours you would like to work. Thirdly, you can date someone at the pub and club and the sushi restaurant. But, if you do not date him for 2 days i think, he or she will demand to break up with you. (because i already did XD)
Try to click those trash bin, pigeon, recycle bin, your room bulb, snooker table to earn extra money and xp if you lucky u can get energy. Each area has it own clickable item except inside the Starbeans. Please look for it.
Please do not waste your energy to hosting a party, click CHECK YOUR CUSHION and all that kind of stuff. Is wasting your energy since the energy is 5mins once. So use it wisely. And try not to waste a lot of money buying outfit. Buy that one that you like or wait till the item is unlocked. Saving money is important in this game. If you earn a lot of money, try to buy fish and it will give you some exp, money and energy.
Lastly, in this game you have to keep doing what Arnie give you until you archieve as a top 1 superstar. If you find it bored, then this game might not suit you. If you have any question about this game, you may ask and i will answer your question a.s.a.p.
Lucas 11 yr ago x
I also exp crush before right after i download it. That time i was lvl 8 D list. After that, i am playing smoothly. And now i am lvl 12 almost A list. I never buy any Cash item or stars i own a apartment and single because dating to me is wasting time.
P 11 yr ago x
Could you tell me where Lefty is? I tried to find him.. and... Could you tell me how to enter a bling bling agency?

Now, I am lv.12, A-List -- Rank 8th.. but I still cannot enter to this agency.
Lucas 11 yr ago x
P: Lefty is at Leaky Cantina. LOL
P 11 yr ago x
Thank you, Lucas... XD
Ren 11 yr ago x
How to become an a-lister fast?
Brigette 11 yr ago x
There is a clickable item in star beans too itsthe microwave
The sushi place down town has nothing though
Lina 11 yr ago x
How do i finish the sitcom quest?
Judit 11 yr ago x
Lina, I just finished the sitcom quest. What you do is just wait for the guy to call you and all of the quests hes gonna give are sitcoms. So just wait.
Popo 11 yr ago x
How can i date a C-lister? I'm so stuck with that quest :((
Lexi 11 yr ago x
How do I do the Sitcom??? And the thing you click on in Starbeans is the micrwave.
Lexi 11 yr ago x
How do you get into the Bling Bling talent agency??
Lexi 11 yr ago x
The Clickable thing in the sushi resturant is the hat of the mascot thingy, the little lantern over the bar, and the little black cat.
Kell 11 yr ago x
Can someone give me a list of all clickable things?
lauren 11 yr ago x
dont throw a party..... and please how do i get the bling bling people to represent me and how do i get into the store at the coast thats locked and how do i get in to the place in downtown thats locked ? im level 11 B list :D
Lucas 11 yr ago x
Brigette: Thanks for the hint. Why i never realize that
Lucas 11 yr ago x
Please stop asking about how to get in to Bling Bling Agency, the Boutique at The Coast and the Cinema at Downtown. these area is still locked and even I already become A list the area is still locked, perhaps the next update? I am not very sure though but i will keep you guys update
errrrr 11 yr ago x
here's a list of clickables I've found, the birds (in all areas) along the top on the power lines, the garbage cans and sometimes the cars when they drive by quickly.

brockwillow: newspaper boxes on the left.

home: lightbulb, rat that comes out of the right corner

crompton: newspaper boxes on the left

star beans: the microwave

leaky cantina: the pool table

downtown: the security camera next to the rising star studio.

sushi restaurant: giant cat next to the door, latern in the middle, and small black cat on the right of the counter.

I'm only level 6 right now but that's what I have found! hope that helps!
rosebud9632 11 yr ago x
hi after your publicist tells you to date a c-lister does she appear in the game anymore because i've finished that quest and she hasn't called me and she's not at the sushi place where she usually is
rosebud9632 11 yr ago x
i'm level 10 d-list
Lucas 11 yr ago x
Rosebud9632: Yes, she will appear again somewhere around in after you made it into C list. The quest is Coat of the Leopard which i am currently stuck at it now
Manti 11 yr ago x
I have spent a fortune on this game by adding stars. I am an A lister on level 13.

QUESTION: If I choose 'RESTART' game in options, will I lose all the stars I paid for?
Lucas 11 yr ago x
Manti: Yes, you will lose all stars. I did tried when 1st time play
Chan 11 yr ago x
I am level 14, A lister, and number 1. Feel free to ask any questions if you need help :) It's a very fun game but I still don't understand how to get into the cinema, the shop and te bling bling talent agency. I agree with Lucas, probably we will in an update.

Chan 11 yr ago x
I also think we might be able to get into the boutique when you buy ALL the clothes. Including the ones that cost stars... THIS IS WHAT I THINK, I HAVE NOT TESTED ANYTHING.
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