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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Chan 6 yr ago x
Lucas: just do what she said. Go to your clothes and buy/unlock a leopard shirt. Then go to her again.
me 6 yr ago x
I started a 24 hr sitcom and came back not even 5 minutes later and my game RESET itself!?!?! I was a few points away from being an A-list. I emailed the support & they said I can expect a reply in 2-5 business days. Hopefully, it can be fixed because I don't think I can sit through all the waiting for the energy again :/ . Has anyone else experienced this?
HElP 6 yr ago x
So i started the game like 2 days ago. But i need help. This reporter wants me to date a c list star. where do i find them and how do i talk to them? sometimes i talk to these people who need like 25 stars to talk to. i think they might be c-listers.. But I dont have that many stars! how do i get stars! HELLPPPP!
Xavier 6 yr ago x
How do you do the sitcom mission PLEASE IM an A-lIst celeb got best house on Hills lv12 but I just don't get how to do sitcom
Xavier  6 yr ago x
@HEIP just go downtown in club or table at sushi bar
Cath 6 yr ago x
Does anyone know why this happened: Arnie called me with the Lefty movie and I auditioned and I chose come back later but the next day I can't access the rising star studios?
Cath 6 yr ago x
And also does anyone know how to hire a co-star in movies? I click on my contacts but nothing happens.
Ari 6 yr ago x
You can also click on the pigeons on the wires on the top and that can give you money, xp, or energy too.
Jen 6 yr ago x
How do I know someone is a c lister??? Please help!
Chan 6 yr ago x
I met a c lister (and some c and b listers) at the club at the hills.

@Cath you might want to go back to arnie, read the script again and see if it opens...

To hire costars you have to click the person then click the pinkish purple button that says something like "call" or maybe "hire" I don't remember...
Chan 6 yr ago x
Ah typeo I met some A listers and some c and b listers at the club at the hills...
Chan 6 yr ago x
Hey people this is totally random but I want so opinions... Does my name (Chan, pronounced Shawn) sound and look like an Asian man's name??? Its a nickname, it's half of my full first name. thanks for any replies!!!
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Chan: Is it the shirt which is cost $650? If that so, i already bought it and nothing happen.

Me: I experience the same thing right after i become D list. Not just you, everyone is facing this problem though. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

HEIP: Is not necessary to complete that quest right after you received it. If you cant find any C list superstar, then just keave that quest away. When you have made it to C list, eventually it will be very easy to find C list superstar.
KLo 6 yr ago x
Hi everyone!
I'm in level 11, D-list but got the beach house. Just wondering how long it took you be a number 1 @ Chan.. And if anyone has spent any money on stars and cash? Cos I have spent quite a bit cos I just wanna finish the game!! Lol
meandjulio 6 yr ago x
Clickables for XPs, $$$, and sometimes energy. You won't always get something but I often go back and click them (I play on my iPad)

BROCKWILLOW - the newspaper stands, middle bird on the wire (both sides of screen), car that drives by, trash can

Apartment - light bulb, mouse that comes out of hole

Arnie's talent agency - the trash can

Channel 9 studios - the cupcake on the top of the pile

CROMPTOWN - newspaper stands, trash can, middle bird on wire (both sides of screen), car that drives by

Starbeans - microwave

Leaky Cantina - pool table

DOWNTOWN - taxi cab that drives by, security camera above door to Rising Star Studio, trash can

Mr. Sushi - hate of sushi cat when you enter, black cat above sushi bar, lamp above sushi bar

MT. PLEASANT AVE - taxi that drives by

Club Coco - beer bottle on the ground

that's all for now!
KLo 6 yr ago x
List of clickable objects:

First place: Brockwillow & Cromptown
Newspaper stand
Rubbish bins
Birds on the power line
Cars (tap a few times)

Your room:
Light bulb
Mouse on far right (he hides in the hole so just wait for a bit)
Aquarium (if you bought one)

Arnie's talent agency:
Rubbish bin on the left

Microwave located on the right side

The Leaky Cantina:
Pool table

Ok so the second place which is Downtown:
Cars, rubbish bins, CCTV outside rising star studio

Sushi place:
Mascot's hat

Coco Club:
Both dancers, left/right
Beer bottle at the bottom of the first dancer

As usual, cars and if you see the birds, and rubbish bins


Le petit cheval restaurant:
Painting behind the woman
Champagne bucket
Martini glass

Bling bling talent agency:
Treasure chest thingy
Enter to your right, there's a painting by the chair and pop-art painting on the right

Thats all I know at the moment but when I advance I will update :) hope that helped
Me - aka Palomino 6 yr ago x
Lucas - Thanks! I really hope they update soon. That's just upsetting that it's happening to everyone :/
Rosie123 6 yr ago x
I'm level 11 and a d-list celeb but I don't know how to complete the task "The Reapening" can someone tell me how to complete it.
Any1 know how long it takes for arnie to call u 2  6 yr ago x
Any1 know how long it takes for arnie to call u for the 2 crime shows
Chan 6 yr ago x
Lucas, did you wear it around?
Chan 6 yr ago x
It took my about 1.5 weeks to become number 1 :)

How about you Lucas?
Chan 6 yr ago x
Rosie, your agent will eventually call you with it.
Chan 6 yr ago x
My game has never crashed... Weird... :)
Rosie123 6 yr ago x
Thank you he finnally did but how do u do the Sitcom Work one?
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Chan: Yea, i did. The sub quest "buy the leopard print top" not even completed eventhough i already bought the shirt. Or could it be i bought the wrong one? I bought that one with leopard colour and long sleeves. Did i bought the wrong one?

Chan: Same, 1.5week to become A list if you actively play without using STARS. I am doing the project 48 hours. SO SLOW!!!!!
Rosebud9632 6 yr ago x
For the quest where you have to buy the leopard top, I already did before the quest but the the 2nd sub quest said to wear it around in which I already have been wearing it since I brought it. Any suggestions on what to do for the 2nd sub quest? Thanks
Rene 6 yr ago x
I'm in the "E" category, how do I become a D? :/

oh, and I need to date a C-lister.

and I run out of energy to fast, how do I get energy + stars really quickly? I tried clicking the clickable items, I got nothing.
Lighting 6 yr ago x
Hello everybody,
I NEED HELP!!!! im stuck in the E-list, out of stars and energy, and in the middle of shooting the reappening or something.AND I NEED TO DATE A C-LIST!! when i try talking to them they say the dont hav the time, BLAH BLAH friend tried to help and used up almost all my money, which made me work at starbeans, which made me waste all my energy AND still hav to stay there for an hour!
Lightening 6 yr ago x
And also if i just go out of th reapening studio, will i have to start all over again??
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Lighting: This game is like that. You will find it very bored because energy runs out fast and recharge slow 5mins once. If you cant date a C list, leave that quest for the time being. Focus your job as a superstar. Try not to waste money and earn extra money, xp and energy by clicking those clickable item. Hope this game wont bored you. Playing this game must be patient.
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