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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Lucas 6 yr ago x

Do you hate that waitress who served at the Le Patit Cheval Restaurant at the The Coast? Why?

I hate her because she is so fcuking arrogant.

How about you guys?
Jessie 6 yr ago x
Hey guys I got this app four days ago ! and now I am number 1 of A list. If you don't wanna waste your time just change your time on Iphone ;)))'
Jessie 6 yr ago x
Lucas: I totally hate her!!! :(
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
Hey everyone! I'm on e list and struggling to get on the D list. But what I would like to know is how do you know who is a c lister when you are on the e list? 1 of my tasks is to date C lister. Help pleaseeee!
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
Also when do you get the chance to give them a last name? Or do you have to do that at the beginning? Thanks
KLo 6 yr ago x
@Jessie yay! Thank you so much for that. Bless you! Lol I've been playing this for 2 days now, just want to finish the game!

To everyone here's how you can change the time on your iPad/iPhone so you can max energy.

Settings>>date/time>>change it to your desired time.

Have a good new year's everyone! All the best for 2012!
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
@jessie @Klo - thanks for sharing that! That's saved me loads if a time!!! What happens when you set your phone back to the correct time? Does it dusturb the game at all?
KLo 6 yr ago x
@SophistiKated you're welcome! I dont think it will change it unless you restart the game but I'm not too sure. I suggest you change it back when you finish the game.
Emma 6 yr ago x
Hey!! I'm a level 9 c-list, and I finished that date a c-list quest quite a while ago, when is Charlene going to come up again??? And also how do I get into the bling bling agency??? Thank you!!!
Joel 6 yr ago x
I have been waiting for "The Reapening" movie call for 3 days now!!!! Do we need a certain requirment? Im a D-List celeb.
Lucas 6 yr ago x
that is cheating. And it will affect your game definitely. Believe me!
Chan 6 yr ago x
Lightening, yeah, just like Lucas said, don't worry about dating a c lister until you are a bit higher yourself. Just come back to the game in an hour of two and you will have more energy.
Chan 6 yr ago x
Klo... That makes the game so boring!!! And you will get tired of it real fast, and then your ane will probably get all messed up.... Idk but I wouldn't do it
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
@Klo when you set it back to the correct time it just take longer for your energy to refill. Doesn't affect any progress in ya game.

@Emma who did you get a date with c lister? I can't tell what list people are on.
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
@Emma sorry I meant "How" not "Who" lol!
Lucas 6 yr ago x
HEY GUYS! You wont believe me now, Bling Bling Agency just got me as their respenstive. OMG!!!!!
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Link for the photo as proof

Aj 6 yr ago x
I'm a Level 9 C-List Actress, and I've completed the date a c-list, but I can't find her. Any tips or suggestions?
Aj 6 yr ago x
If u don't know what list someone is, here's how to know. For each of your contacts, there should be a star with a letter. That letter is what list they are. For the quest to date a c-list, c-list stars are red.
P 6 yr ago x
Wow... that awesome.. How did you get it, Lucas? Could you tell me :D
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
Hey everyone. I finally have a c lister contact. I'm on the D list. Where do I take them for a date? Everytime I click on a heart anywhere he doesn't show up! Where do I have to go to be able to have a date with Mr C lister?
SophistiKated 6 yr ago x
@Aj how did you do that? I have a c list contact but everytime I click somewhere where you can have a date, he doesn't show up. I'm on level 9 on the D list. Please help me!!
Joel 6 yr ago x
@Lucas, how did you get into Bling Bling agency?!
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Before i tell you how, i am gonna ask you. You really want to leave Arnie Agency and representive as Bling Bling Agency? You can only work for 1 agency. And choosing this will upset the another party.
P 6 yr ago x
Before I tell you, could you explain the differences between these two agencies?
Joel 6 yr ago x
Lucas- Is there a big difference? Do you get better movies (etc) at Bling Bling?
Tiff 6 yr ago x
Im #1 on the a list with 50 million fans i passed lefty and everything else im level 17 and i have 3.7 million dollars and 30,500 star points and 3,000 energy..... Be jealous
Lauren 6 yr ago x
@tiff your real humble and obviously your one of those people who think they are amazing
Joel 6 yr ago x
@Lauren- Ahaha I agree(:
KLo 6 yr ago x
Ok I think to unlock the Bling Bling agent, you have to keep declining Arnie's offers.. Cos I noticed on Lucas' pic it said 'free agent' so you must lose your current agent which is Arnie. I'm gonna try it anyway, and I'll give you guys a shout if it worked.
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