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Dan 9 yr ago x
Hi everyone. Long time no see this forum. And by the way, why dont i have some clothes that my friends have. And the stardom: hollywood is crushed. U like me ?
MadSimmy1975 9 yr ago x
Im just new to this game, and im wondering where is charlenes office. it says next to the taco place in downtown but thats just a night club and i canny get in cos i aint famous enuff. Or is that the problem.
MadSimmy1975 9 yr ago x
Sorry to bother yous again, ive read somewhere charlenes office is chanelle pr. Mines is locked just now, but my next question is Can you increase the size of your energy e.g mines is 20 or can you speed the time up to get your energy renewed. e.g 5 mins is forever. Thanks.
Bluberry52 9 yr ago x
Sorry I'm new to this game. If you are onset and don't have enough energy to complete the things, what happens if you leave?
Leah 9 yr ago x
@bluberry52 nothing. You can come back again once you have more energy. Obviously before your time for filming runs out
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Yep my hollywood has crashed now @madsimmy the size of ur energy increase by 1 everytime u level up also have u met charlene at the golden porkchop yet??
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
And chanelle pr is just after supercool press the arrow to next screen and its right there
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Stardom hollywood has its own forum
Cat9 9 yr ago x
@(nick)name - I think above the jukebox (in the leaky cantina) there is a purple dot (the things that you press to get stars or xp) I can't remember what it says but I think you press that.
Cat9 9 yr ago x
Does anyone know why, sometimes when I go into the leaky cantina, the person at the bar is gone?
Meghan  9 yr ago x
Ok so I'm a level 17, number 1 on the Top 100. A few of my friends on Facebook play Stardom as well and when we connect it doesn't them my contacts. Any help? Also my name in GC is MizzFlexii so add me please!

Meghan 9 yr ago x
More recent pic of my fans and correction my name on GC in MissFlexii so please add me!

Chelle 9 yr ago x
Add me ! Chelleyy504
I'm a lister with 50.0m fans !
Mona 9 yr ago x
Im stalled in Stardom Hollywood. I dont get fans anymore and cant go above 50M fans. It also is getting kind of boring because nothing is happened. Nothing from Charlene - cant get into bling - the receptionist isnt even there any more.

Any ideas?

Also please add me in GC: remonalisa
jophilo 9 yr ago x
Same as you Mona, same as you. I just decide to stop playing the game cause it's boring now....nothing to do except andy's task. No news from Charlene and the Bling's receptionist is missing to ...
Leah 9 yr ago x
I can't remember. For the silent film, with Cecil D. Seville, do I say I'm doing it for the art or Facetome?
PandasRCool 9 yr ago x
I keep getting banner notifications on my iPad saying "You're publicist is waiting! Meet with her to start your career as an A-List actor!" But when I go to her office, she doesn't seem to be waiting for anything...nope...just sitting there smoking and looking like Cruella Deville....sigh.
jophilo 9 yr ago x
Me too PandasRCool
Lydiii 9 yr ago x
Hello there,
Iīm at level 6 and my goal is "Talk to Charlene n her downtown office (beside Taco bandito)".
But i canīt find the ofgice. there only the aco bar and the space man club. need help!
jophilo 9 yr ago x
Hi Lydiii. The office name is "channel pr".
meh 9 yr ago x
There really are some simpletons on this forum!
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Stardom hollywood has its own forum
Chelley 9 yr ago x
I'm a A lister with 50.0m fans and still can't talk to bling the receptionist is gone at the desk ; arnie keeps calling me for jobs and I can't find the enemy and I get a alert saying Charlene wants to talk to me but she never does! I just finish the big screen task and now I don't know what to do help????

Add me also chelleyy504
GoldenSpoonz 9 yr ago x
Lol im an a-lister at level 10. It's kind of funny. You just have to do things like change your wardrobe and do dramatic things like spreading rumors and starring in films
Natalie  9 yr ago x
Well.. I quit my job at starbeans and I want to get back but I don't know how to? I am in the C list and on level 8... My nickname on the game is Natali... Without the e at the end!!! lol
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Well i see hollywood on android has an update for bug fixes so hopefully ios has one soon
jophilo 9 yr ago x
@kayluah: the android update don't fix anythings !!! I'm in the same situation that Chelley ....and it's just boring....
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
I dont have any probs qith android its the frig ios one on iphone has crashed hoping cos android got their update and apple one shud follow soon
jophilo 9 yr ago x
What the purpose to have an update if everythings is the same ? If you want the same update they give to us, Android users, you sure gonna be pissed of !!!
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Well i see A list has a new update!!
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