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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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PandasRCool 9 yr ago x
Since A List finally has an update out, The one for Hollywood should be out soon too. @Jophilo I only started playing Stardom last year but after looking at the earlier pages of this forum, I found out that sometimes, the iOS version of Stardom gets certain things before Android. Like when iOS A List got Tokyo when Android A List was just getting Paris. Android probably got an update faster than iOS for a lot of reasons, one being the bugs on Android probably posted a greater harm that the bugs iOS users are having with the game simply crashing and being unplayable. Like security threats and stuff considering Android devices can get viruses more than iOS devices. I only say that with my experiences with both operating systems in mind, so idk. Plus, Hollywood is a new game anyway and is still being created. They haven't even added Miguel or Simon yet so it might be a few updates before anything really changes at all. Just bug fixes.
INeedHelp 9 yr ago x
I think it was super senseless to release an update for a list, they should focus on one game
Prodigybombay 9 yr ago x
Hi guys, i was wondering if we really cant cheat the time to refill energy in stardom hollywood? Is it just me or do you guys have to actually wait until the energy refills. Sorry if anyone is offended!

Also if there is a similar forum like this for stardom hollywood please let me know since it might be better to reroute my questions over there.
Juan 9 yr ago x
Im lvl 11 and B-list. I kept dating this same D-list actor from the start of the game and when we got engaged, i gained 269,893 fans instantly. So dating really helps! And be sure to complete the date with all 5 hearts!
Another Random Person 9 yr ago x
@Prodigybombay: No, you cannot. If you do, you either have to wait for the amount of time you set back, or reset it. And I believe there is a new forum for it, yeah. Just type it in the search bar.

Hi, everyone. If you remember me :P. I don't really play anymore, if you're wondering why I'm not on here as much as I used to be.

The picture says why (look to the left)

PandasRCool 9 yr ago x
@Another Random Person, wow that sucks! Have you tried out Stardom: Hollywood? lol It's buggy and needs an update but it's a small change still.
Another Random Person 9 yr ago x
@PandasRCool: I might have a look ^_^. The graphics on it loo quite good.
AmesthystCC 9 yr ago x
Add me on GC : AmethystCC I gift back! I play both versions but currently on Hollywood :)
toyaD 9 yr ago x
I'm being instructed to meet my publicist, Chanelle to get my career as an A-lister started, but I don't know where to meet her. I go to her office, she's there but won't talk to me. Can someone help me?
Another Random Person 9 yr ago x
If this is for Stardom: Hollywood, which it must be as Charlene doesn't have an office in Stardom: The A-List, go here: Stardom Hollywood
Meghan 9 yr ago x
I'm level 18. A-Lister. I have a A-List boyfriend and wondering the best place for a date. I take him to Paris and London and he still doesn't look pleased.
Another Random Person 9 yr ago x
@Meghan: Have you tried The Petit Cheval? It's located next to Max's office
meh 9 yr ago x
@meghan it really doesn't matter. They can say the place is crap but the stars u get are the same. The only difference is you will not get stars when u kiss them.

Imo the best place to max out a date is Toronto as you get a lot of stars for little energy. The cheapest place is the club downtown. I take all my a list dates there!
Stardom player 9 yr ago x
please i need Stacy to know that max is a cheater and that he calls me baby I'm on level 17 and i am an a Lister with over 55 million fans 1# so can anyone help me? I've heard a lot bout some meeting me and max d but didn't understand ! PLEASE HELP :)
Stardom player 9 yr ago x
please i need Stacy to know that max is a cheater and that he calls me baby I'm on level 17 and i am an A Lister with over 55 million fans and top #1 so can anyone help me? I've heard a lot bout some meeting me and max do but didn't understand ! PLEASE HELP :)
Aggienerd11 9 yr ago x
Why does my game close and shuts of after I try to collect the stars? It has happened twice, I'm doing a 24 hr movie but it won't let me collect anything it shuts off and I'm back to no stars with a running timer, what's wrong?
Another Random Person 9 yr ago x
@Stardom player: He calls everyone baby. Even when I played as a guy, he called me baby. So don't worry too much :)
@Aggienerd11: Is this on A-List? If it's on Hollywood, it's very glitchy at the moment. You could contact Glu about it, though. They're generally good for answering questions about bugs and other stuff.
Milgyn 9 yr ago x
Hey guys can you guys please do star with me nd ill send you guys gifts

GC: milgyn
meh 9 yr ago x
This place seems to be dying! I jst downloaded the new update, eveythibg looks huge after playing Hollywood for 2 weeks.

Also interesting they only just added level 30, seems like there were a few liars on here before! I am about halfway from levelling to 30! No cheats ever!
Impudent Joker 9 yr ago x
I kind of need friends, so yeah please add me on Game Center: Impudent Joker
Up4GrabsNoMo 9 yr ago x
Hey everyone, I play Stardom Hollywood. Level 14 A lister, I can help if you have questions!
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Finally HOLLYWOOD IOS update!!!
Rleyh 9 yr ago x
Has anyone completed the Oz challenge? I want to see the costumes!!
Tenacious H 9 yr ago x
Any one know where you film the battle for bristondale mini series? The director mentioned in the neighborhood but I can't find where
Lucy 9 yr ago x
The Oz challenge is until 10th or 11th? Cause the update said Sunday the 11th -.-
Sillyheffa 9 yr ago x
@Lucy I think it's until the 11th?
I completed the 4 family movies, do I have to complete OZ by the 11th too?
Renee 9 yr ago x
Add me on Hollywood and a list!

GC: hunter12341

Would loove some gifts. :)
Lucy 9 yr ago x
@Sillyheffa maybe. Not sure myself either. Yeah, you have to. So it's actually 5 movies before you can get the Oz clothes. I'm left with the last main movie which is in 24hours.. So I'm wondering if its until 10 or 11. If its until 10, I will not be able to get it..
Lucy 9 yr ago x
@Sillyheffa and I have another 24hours movie before the Oz movie..
Amethyst 9 yr ago x
about Holly Stuckley, if you refuse her and go back to your agent, he will say that Alexis wants to do the movie together with you.
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