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Sillyheffa 9 yr ago x
@Lucy it's the 11th. I'm filming the Oz movie now so I should be done. I thought it was 8hr movies or my memory is horrible. Lol! I don't remember doing a 24 hr movie.
Kez 9 yr ago x
hi, I restarted my stardom game and would like some new stardom friends too :) my gc name is: kezzzam64
music 9 yr ago x
Do any of you know how to get back with someone after a break up? :/
amberbieber1997 9 yr ago x
Add me on GC: amberbieber1997

ALSO, does anyone know how to get hired by Max? I'm an A lister with over 36 million fans and theres no speech bubble when I go to the office. It was there when I was a C lister, but the MOMENT I turned a B lister, it went away. I got our son the ninja chosen for me somehow, and ive never got anything from arnie on spooky basement.. HELP.
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
Hollywood has its own thread
Mimit65 9 yr ago x
Does anyone remember if "the last gnome" lines or type of movie? I have lost my mind I have done so many and I'm up foe award , plz help
amberbieber1997 9 yr ago x
Nevermind.. I got hired by Max haha.(: You do Our Son The Ninja once and then later on he asks you if you wanna do a second one or Spooky Basement. CHOOSE SPOOKY BASEMENT.
Cat9 9 yr ago x
@amberbieber1997 do you know what happens if you don't choose spooky basement?
Another Random Person 9 yr ago x
@music: Do a movie role with them
@Mimit65: It doesn't matter, as winning is random
Ryanrabbit123 9 yr ago x
Add me!!!
GC: Ryanrabbit123
Stardom123 9 yr ago x
Gc: Denise14tje i play both stardoms
Alex 9 yr ago x
It says I need to film the battle of bristondale episodes but idk where to go to film them or where to audition and I'm really confused
Kayluah 9 yr ago x
@alex u playing a list or hollywood??
Alex 9 yr ago x
Nevermind I figured it out
Dianopher 9 yr ago x
Add me on GC!: Dianopher

Stardom: Elina Rose, A-Lister, 200Mill Fans ^_^
pak 9 yr ago x
How do we call someone if we got their no.
Maddy 9 yr ago x
Add me on GC: maddybopeep
Andrew 9 yr ago x
Is My Stardom Stuck?

I am a lvl 12 A-lister. For some reason, I stopped getting more main story missions. The last story mission I did was doing that "Photoshoot" in the neighborhood Starbeans with the guy who didn't even notice me. But after I talked to Charlene about it, I don't get to talk to her again or seem to get any other main story missions. All I get is little projects from Arnie. Is my game stuck or is there something I missed?
Hairchick 9 yr ago x
Hey does anyone know what determines how much XP you get when you "say hello" to a friend in the game?!??
Some friends I get as little as 3 most are between 16-25 but I've got 1 friend where I get 79. Is it off their level?
Hairchick 9 yr ago x
@pak you call them by asking them on a date or to a party at your place or for helping in a movie. In the movie it's a blue person in a circle. To date is a heart in clubs and restaurants. A party at your house has a party hat icon. Just click in those and it "calls" them for that purpose!
Hairchick 9 yr ago x
@ Music work with them on a film you won't earn any costar points but if u get at least 4 stars in that film you're back together :-)
Hairchick 9 yr ago x
@Kez I tried to add you says I need to double check them name. I can't seem to find you but my GC is hairchicks
Laura 9 yr ago x
add me on GC? Lekitkatxx
I can give you charm gifts :D
so, yeah, im bribing you to add me
hoped it worked~
meh 9 yr ago x
@hairchick, not quite...if u co star someone u get back with them immediately, even just half a star. I just use a commercial, easiest way and don't lose fans either if low stars
Kay 9 yr ago x
Anyone here that plays hollywood do u or have u ever been nominated for awards??
Cat9 9 yr ago x
@Kay I play stardom hollywood and I've been nominated for an award, I didn't win though. :(
Kay 9 yr ago x
@cat9 thanx for that wat level are u on an also do u rememba wat movie u get nominated for?
Dancer13 9 yr ago x
Anyone add me I'm a d lister t level 8
Gc: LAbaby13

harvy 9 yr ago x
im dlisted nd hav enogh of fans but still I jus get drained of energy while performing tasks so can some1 tell me how to regain enery quick or any cheat u people use....plzz plzz help me il be thankfull.....thanks:))
Rovenitas 9 yr ago x
My app won't load anymore since yesterday am. It's so annoying I was doing really well...almost finished level 19. Does anyone have the same problems, and how do you solve it?
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