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Jas-help me !  9 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to become a D lister fast, i'v been on it for a long time and i'v been doing a lot of progects but is there a faster way,
Like a cheat or something, ANYONE !!! Help me
jillian  9 yr ago x
my Game Center id is omgxjillianxomg add me :D
i did the interview with blogger when will i find out what happened and when will charlene come back
jillian  9 yr ago x
has you just got make sure you do all the projects with 5 stars and wear the right clothes date someone on the d-list as well and make sure you click around the place for experience points
jillian  9 yr ago x
Sare101 9 yr ago x
ive been doing alot of Crime Drama projects but it still says i have done 0/3 and i cant complete this task!! can someone help!!??
Victoria 9 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to remove furniture? I bought a house and I decorated it with "middle-class-furniture" while I'm saving for the exclusive stuff. And I don't know how to remove it now :( help please
daiu22 9 yr ago x
please add me! GC: daiu22
Elle 9 yr ago x
Can anybody please inform me about this rival thing? Is that the girl who comes up to you and asks if you can put in a good word for her with Max? Because I said I would! :(
Elle 9 yr ago x
Add me please everyone! My Game Center is ellebellebubs ^_^
tataboem 9 yr ago x
Where can I find the folder stardom/documents?
Sana  9 yr ago x
How do you date someone you have not flirted with but now want to go on a date with them?
Immortal 9 yr ago x
I'm on the A- list #1 with 50.6 million dollars, but when I try to date Camila Green I already have 1,249 hearts with her but every time I date her it doesn't go up help!!!!!!
Immortal  9 yr ago x
Sorry I meant 50.6 million fans
Taylor Morris 9 yr ago x
Where is the ’hold it‘ task in the racy photos quest?
Mya Jeakob 9 yr ago x
I cant find hold it either
Ahnna Pincher 9 yr ago x
Me too

@ Taylor & Mya
sh 9 yr ago x
im changing my iphone so i want my game to load in my new phone. I try it on game center with ipad but it didn't work. should I log in to facebook? HEEELP
jackien1 9 yr ago x
My 'do a sitcom' quest has been sitting there for forever, and i don't know how to complete it. Also, i've been getting 5 stars for everything i've been doing, but i've never gotten nominated for an award. I'm a level 17 a lister. Also, i can't get Max to be my agent. When i go to bling bling, the receptionist doesn't have a speech bubble but i can go into Max's office, which is empty. Add me on GC, jackien1.
Shanelle 9 yr ago x
Add me pleasee. My GC is reindeerx3
Gummybear 9 yr ago x
How to ask out people
Rooooooosssss 9 yr ago x
I have 2 game center accaunts : roos_p and my other accaunt roosepoos
Add me please!!
Mel 9 yr ago x
I'm on level 15, and have been stuck on the "complete 3 crime dramas" for a few weeks now.

I've done everything I can think of- tv crime dramas, regular crime, completed with 5 stars...and still it says I have 0/3 completed. What's up with this?
Shanelle 9 yr ago x
Hey, I'm needing some people in my entourage add my GC: reindeerx3
Gemini 9 yr ago x
Where is wasted?
Jizz 9 yr ago x
hey may I know is there a way to delete a frd you have added into the game?

Apparently I have removed them from the game center friend list but it is still in my game... Hopefully someone can help me out here!
BelleBeauty 9 yr ago x
(When naming my character)
When I am choosing my name if I put in a first and last name will I be called first +last for the whole game?
Ex. Name: Carrie Kennedy
Will it be "Carrie, theres a new role for a movie" or Carrie Kennedy, theres a new role for a movie"
Denny4 9 yr ago x
I can't find this anywhere...but does it matter which npc I choose to co-star in my roles? For example, does having a crime drama npc give me any advantage if I am working on a crime drama project? Thank you
Xpskl 9 yr ago x
Hey, does anyone remember the script for the reapening 2? I accidentally forgot to read the script and now can't leave the studio. Thanks!
meh 9 yr ago x
Wow this game and forum is dead. Glu really messed up by releasing Hollywood, same characters pretty much same storyline. What was the point? Split the community.

Rip a list!
Jade 9 yr ago x
I'm on level 13 and I'm only a c list. I want more fans so badly does anyone know any tricks other than clothes, penthouse, and movies?
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