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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Chan 6 yr ago x
Yeah but I'm tired of paying stars to get into the club at the hills, oh well. So do you think there's a way to get into the cinema and the boutique at the coast?
Jessie 6 yr ago x
Chan: maybe you ought to be higher level (' ') now I'm in 15level so i can't unlock those places
Girl 6 yr ago x
I need to get on bling bling please help!!!!
Jessie 6 yr ago x
wok hard girl ....
Jessie 6 yr ago x
Girl 6 yr ago x
i have im level 16 already and number 1 on the a list and i cant get to bling bling agency!!
Jessie 6 yr ago x
oh that too bad. I don't really understand why do many people can't get to bling bling agency! but I got it. =____=
Girl 6 yr ago x
How did u get in? -_-
Jessie 6 yr ago x
I just be the top of A list and went to bling bling agency -______- I'm so sorry that I can't help you. ;(
Girl 6 yr ago x
@Lucas soo how do u get in Bling Bling agency??
Jessie 6 yr ago x
@Lucas Igot it
Girl 6 yr ago x
Well im tired of playing with just arnie, Bling Bling can offer me more from what ive heard and no one can help me :(
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Actual there is no difference between Arnie and Bling. Still the same job they will give you, but Bling will give you more longer hours job example like 12hrs, 24hrs and 48hrs. Everytime you finish the job and leave the studio, Bling will called you for an another job. Yes, that is really fast.
admins 6 yr ago x
Again, do not imitate Lucas, if your phone is being misused, fix this. All these comments should be removed now.
Girl 6 yr ago x
@ Lucas Thats sounds Legit.. but still it would be a change, maybe working for bling would make stardom a bit more interesting
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Admins: please ban those who using my name, **** and youknowme entering this topic. Thank you.
Girl 6 yr ago x
ok i still have my problem to deal wit???
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Girl: i am not sure how to get in but i was offered after i accepted the The Reapening 2 movie role. And that time i was only A list top 15
Girl 6 yr ago x
ooh im on eye of the cougar... is the repeaning 2 after eye of the cougar?
Emmy14113 6 yr ago x
Where are all the C-listers in the game? I have stars so I can do the charm thing but I don't want to waste them on the wrong people!
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Girl: Hmm, eye of cougar huh, sound familiar, i think you almost there. Keep it up
Lauren 6 yr ago x
Woah ! Somebody help look I was at number 195 and now I'm 204 but it didn't make me go down by fans so idk why I went down can somebody explain please ?
Girl 6 yr ago x
Lucas: thnx! im off to play now :)
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Lauren: Is true that if you havent work for a movie for quite sometime, your fans definitely will drop down.

Admins: Thank you for removing those fakers message :D
Lauren 6 yr ago x
@Lucas: but I'm doing a movie right now and one debuted a couple hours ago
Joel 6 yr ago x
Lauren- I hve had fans randomly drop before too): You just have to do more anf more movies (etc) to get your fans back!
Lauren 6 yr ago x
Oh okay thanks Lucas !
Tatty 6 yr ago x
@Lucas please help me I'm stuck!! I've restarted sooo many times it's unbelieveable!! The last time I reseted, cos it went wrong, I managed to get into rising star studios before I even got on the D list. When I did get on the D list it didn't take me that long. Now I've started again I'm struggling to get on the D list quickly & into Rising Star studios! Any advice on how to get on the D list quickly. I'm on level 7 or 8. Thank you :)
Aj 6 yr ago x
When can you talk to the publicist after dating a c-list? I'm now level 10, c-list, and still no publicist! Grrr.....
Lucas 6 yr ago x
Tatty: Everytime you doing the job, make sure you finish it with 5 stars. with 5 stars complete, your fans number definitely will increase greatly. Hope this helps.
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