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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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TopBossin 6 yr ago x
I'm a 69 A-lister and i'm at level 14. I got the botique open when I was only a B-Lister. Although I'm not exactly sure how, I can tell you that I just listened to Charlene's requests and get 5 stars on everything. Also, if you visit the coast alot, then it should pop open soon. I've had no luck opening the movie theatre, but the clothes at Narcis are cute :) add me as a friend! I need more. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. My GC name is emeralddenise :)
milgyn 6 yr ago x
Ahhhh I'm soo sad I didn't win the star award for the Sapling

If you guys won any awards how did you do it
I've been doing 8 hr movies and higher for every project and I have gotten 5 stars on every single one

O if you guys need gifts just add me and write stardom so I'll know so far I've sent gifts to everyone I'm still trying to add you guys to my movies tho
My gc is milgyn and in stardom I'm milgyn
kaler126 6 yr ago x
@milgyn I added u but I forgot to put stardomI'm Melissa in the game
shannonstripes 6 yr ago x
@milgyn, thanks for all the gifts!

add me on gc:shannonstripes
I'm number 1! (:
admins 6 yr ago x
@Brittany No, it doesn't take a while for an upload to show up. We actually re-uploaded a few pics for you, because you are doing something wrong. For an upload, you need to click the upload link in this form, it should take you to the Picup app. Do not start Picup yourself.
Brittany 6 yr ago x
Well I click the blue Link above me "you need pickup (free) to upload" it takes me directly to the app store and to the app Picup. So I download and get the link from there. How am I suppose to do it?
Brittany  6 yr ago x
And what do you mean by do not start pick up by yourself?
connie 6 yr ago x
When i try to buy stars it doesn't let me...any ideas? :s
connie 6 yr ago x
When I click on it it comes up "Confirming request..." but nothing happens after that. When i go to my gamecenter there's nothing about my bank details...:s
MasterJ 6 yr ago x
@Brittany - once you have the picup app installed you can close it. Then to upload a photo here you click the choose photo option, that will start your picup app and the pickup app will then request you to select a photo. Select it and it gets uploaded then it will take you back to this browser and show that you have a photo selected.

Then you finish your post
Brittany  6 yr ago x
@MasterJ & @admins:

Okay I just tested exactly what you said, I did it & I guess I was doing something completely different before. Thanks MasterJ I know what to do now. Sorry I'm a bit of a ditz when it comes to little stuff like this
Bopolz 6 yr ago x
Not a bad way to gain more fans...

Bopolz 6 yr ago x

So the TV tech points are not as easy to get as I thought. Please allow me to present my new hunch on how to get more TV tech points.

- Do "lighting check" and "sound check" for Studio 9 projects.

My guess is that it may be venue dependent this time around.
Brittany  6 yr ago x

Congrats on that! But I have a quick question for you, did you get all the medias answers correct b/ I got one wrong and this is what mine said.. It had no fans underneath like yours

Nutellaworld 6 yr ago x
Has any of you been using time cheat?
Khloe_ 6 yr ago x
Coverage on secret spots::
Brockwillow & Cromptown: Newspaper stands, Green car, Pigeons, Trash cans.

Brockwillow home: Lightbulb, Pets (if any), Mouse.

The Leaky Cantina: Pool table

StarBucks: Microwave
Rising Star Studio: Security camera, Cupcakes.

Broadview Ave.: Taxi, Trashcan, Mr. Sushi Red stand.

Mr. Sushi: Cat Chef, Black Cat on counter.

Mt. Pleasant Ave.: Taxi, Pet Palooza sign outside.

Club Coco: Dancers legs, bottle of beer, Beer lady's chest
"The Coast"
Pacific Beach Hwy & Point Dune: Red car, Trash can, Seagull on fence.

Le Petit Cheval: Container with champagne inside, wine glass.

Bling Talent: Chest (in first room), Award, Large painting, Pop art painting, small drawer (near pop art painting)

Narcis: Shoes, Piece hung on wall.

Bernadette Hills: Trash cans, Red car, Limo. (Inside Set :: Small car opposite trailer)

Sunrise Avenue: Limo, Trash can

Venus Night Club :: Dancers legs, Container with champagne inside
Make sure you try and find all of these items and tap on them to receive XP, $$ and even Energy !!

I am lv. 16 - A

Khloe_ 6 yr ago x
::BONUS TIP:: When talking to other people, try and guess their name instead of introducing yourself, this way you can get bonus XP!

Even if you get their name wrong, go to cancel. To talk to them again go somewhere to reset it eg. phone, options, starnews then exit out of that and a bubble will be back on them. Make sure to memorize the two names so you know the right one when attempting to guess it if you get it wrong again.

ALSO!! If you want even MORE XP, after you guess their name right (and dont forget it), press cancel....then do it all over again! This way you get the same XP by doing the same thing over and over again!

Enjoy leveling up! >:D
XY 6 yr ago x

Hey, I got 1 question wrong but still managed to win and gained fans for it.
lolzipop 6 yr ago x
This question has popped up, but has never been answered! How do you get naked (for a girl, as in bra and underwear)?!?!? All I can do is either have a bra with pants on or underwear with a top on. Does anybody know how to go out in bra and underwear?
Jollyrojer 6 yr ago x
How do you get the theatre open????? And I need to know how to get into Narcis?? And how can max be my agent??????
Bopolz 6 yr ago x

I think I got all the answers right because I saw random items flying out each time I answered.

You still won so maybe the reason why you didn't get notification on additional fans is you already have the maximum 68.75 million fans.

Are you currently maxed out when it comes to fans?
XY 6 yr ago x

The screenshot that you posted only shows that you are a nominee. After you click the "...", it should show if you've won or not. There will be a "WINNER" like the photo that Bopolz posted.
Brittany  6 yr ago x

Do you think it's because I have already hit the limit of fans? Ive had 68,750,000 for awile & all my movies I've been doing I'm getting 0+ on

@XY, The only problem I'm wondering is when I check my achievements I have no awards and under the "best supporting actress award it says Wins:0 Noms:1
Double L 6 yr ago x
Hey, I got nominated for an award, and I've already talked to Charlene and Miguel. Now where is the theater? I can't find it
Brittany  6 yr ago x

Yeah lately I did atleast three 8 hour movies & gained 0+ fans
Bopolz 6 yr ago x

I just noticed it now.

You uploaded a screenshot of your character being announced as one of the nominees for best supporting actress.

Did you also see your character announced as the winner?
XY 6 yr ago x

Yup, I'm trying to ask the same question Bopolz did above.
milgyn 6 yr ago x
@kaler126 o it's ok I accepted the request and I have been sending gifts like crazy lol so of I haven't sent you yours I'll do it ASAP ok let me know if u do get them
Brittany  6 yr ago x

Oh you know what no I didn't win at the end some other girl did. So I guess I just got nominated then, well how did you win? we're you doing 24 hour & 48 hour movies? Because I did mainly just the 8 hours but I did them with all 5 stars
kaler126 6 yr ago x
@milgyn I never got any yet. What's your name cause if u don't have all your wardrobe items I could send, I have 70 stra from offers, people that jailbreak or do offers like crazy can buy the hills house with stars! (once they become a list) I have 70, need 180, only have 11 000 dollars after I bought the beach house
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