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guest 11 yr ago x
You can't visit friends and can't open message box to accept gifts. The game charges higher amount of hearts the more levels of animals you complete and it's impossible to gain 36+ hearts to breed an animal without being able to utilize the neighbor feature.

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guest 11 yr ago x
To get new animals, I have to get rid of the extra exhibit I bought.
guest 11 yr ago x
Would be awesome if it didn't crash so much. Played for 3 weeks to get to level 31, only to visit a neighbor this morning & have everything animals, land, coins, hearts, cash, xp at all :(
Guest 11 yr ago x
I'm on level 32, and randomly it won't let me expand my property. I have enough money, my settings are correct--anyone know why or what to do about this?
Ricktraci 11 yr ago x
I can't expand anymore either! I have the 300000 but says tap somewhere I don't own to expand! Doesn't make any sense. It's an app. There's plenty of unowned space! Please help if anyone knows what to do.
Guest 11 yr ago x
The board is actually limited to where you can expand even though it looks like there is infinite space. Try clicking on all the open spaces until you find one that you can expand on.
Yam 11 yr ago x
My friend use my iPad to play. So she logged me out and then she logged in. After that i cannot log in into my dream zoo anymore. Anyone knows how to fix this?
Pampered Homies 11 yr ago x
I have an iPad and an iPhone that I have two different zoos on. It was working fine for a week and now both my zoos show but, I can only use name. iPhone keeps updating and I can't get to my other zoo at all. Whenever iPhone updates I lose all my coins. Can this problem be fixed? Help!!!
Egg 11 yr ago x
Hi I have an iPod touch 4th gen and I want to know that can you get free coins on dream zoo if you can help me on this even if you have to say you can't please post. Thank you.
Egg 11 yr ago x
Please help. When I try to travell to a friend the game turns off and I have to go back on again and again and it still won't work
question guy 11 yr ago x
When you breed an animal but u dont have enough hearts it says 50 hearts for 45 zoo bucks but once i have 50 hearts that option goes away. How do i get the option back???
anakin 11 yr ago x
Hey question guy if u go to the store it willgive u an option to trade casc for coins and hearts
anakin 11 yr ago x
I meant cash
John 11 yr ago x
Hello I need more coins,heart and cash
eggnog 10 yr ago x
what cheats ican apply on ipod
CHEATS PLZ?! 10 yr ago x
wat cheats can i get i want some free money and coinn but i dont have any money ...
CHEATS PLZ?! 10 yr ago x
Oh btw i have it on the Ipod Touch
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