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ZENONIA 4 free iphone cheats zen hacks cracked (ipod touch/game app)

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jack 12 yr ago x
Anybody already downloaded this game? Are there any cheats available for Zenonia 4?

tags: zenonia 4, zen and gold cheats, tips, ipad game, android
Stephbanks2 12 yr ago x
I need more money
Klo 12 yr ago x
How do I get free snowflakes
vastwolf 12 yr ago x
Does anyone have zenonia 4 on android?
kenny 12 yr ago x
anyone can send me the cheat unlimited stat ,life,att,def.
kenny 12 yr ago x
please commect here if anyone have this game cheat thanks
H&ck3d 12 yr ago x
There is a thing in cydia called IAP cracker, it will let u buy any in app thing in this case zen for free download Cydia by going to
Craig 12 yr ago x
That cydia f#%kd up my phone how do u get rid of it
tomato884 12 yr ago x
If I'll have Zenonia 4 on my android device I'll
1. Play it without a hack
2. Hack it and send u sth.

So if the Time is ready and GAMEVIL has created the Android-Version...Have Fun :D
WrathInsideMe 12 yr ago x
H&ck3d, what about that IAP hack?
SilverDJ69 12 yr ago x
Hey anybody need help leveling up cuz my slayer has 23000 attack and he takes out actual players with one hit my ID is silver69 or Silver69 k hope this helps.
alnkills 12 yr ago x
hi silver can you give me some good or hacked blader item thanks
Chibi 12 yr ago x
Im blader lvl 31.. Please send me some great eq thanks :D
And do zenonia 4 got hack for zen ? >.
Chibi 12 yr ago x
Oh yeah, my id is: chibichaos
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi ill send u some equip later, i gotta get some money really quick, shouldnt take too long
Chibi 12 yr ago x
Thanks in advance ! :)
alnklls 12 yr ago x
hi sir can i have some hacked or good items for blader class? im blader lvl 78 IGN alnklls thanks in advance! oh btw where are the event coupons on the abyss? i cant get any..
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi ur welcome, i wouldve sent u some already but i have been caught up with zenonia 3 on my second profile

@alnklls i dont hack equip and and i dont have any that is hack and whenvur in the abyss, sometimes enemys will drop event coupons
tyty77 12 yr ago x
I meant when ur, not whenvur
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi i csnt figure out how to send itrms, i dont think gamevil put that part in yet
Chibi 12 yr ago x
@tyty77 yeah i noticed that aswell, theres no sending option available.. T.T
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi yeah sorry.... to get money quick, mine in the scorched forest abd kill monsters there and sell the stuff they drop
Chibi 12 yr ago x
@tyty77 and how bout identify scroll ? Theres no way to obtain it without zen is it ? And theres no way to obtain zen without using cash rite ? Tis is suck.. >.<
I like zenonia 3 better..
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi yeah thats right well kinda, sometims u can get examjne scrolls from doing quests of from treasure chests, and i agree zenonia 3 js better, right now im kn hard mode, i beat my file on normal at like 2:30 this morning
Chibi 12 yr ago x
@tyty77 oh really ? U can get from quest ? But still, its not enough right.. Oh, im stuck in zenonia 3 btw.. Haha no more gold.. >.
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi i know i saw ur post on the other chatroom, i tried sending u some but it said ur id didnt exist, check it and tell me and ill send u some
Chibi 12 yr ago x
@tyty77 Oh its ChibiChaos
Tq tq tq >.
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi. Ok ill try to send u some but i think the limit is 1000
tyty77 12 yr ago x
@chibi r u on an ipod or iphone cuz if ur on android i dont think i can send u anything
Chibi 12 yr ago x
@tyty77 haha im on iphone..
Everytime i log in the game, it say welcome back ChibiChaos.. So thats my id rite ?
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