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ZENONIA 4 free iphone cheats zen hacks cracked (ipod touch/game app)

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lsniperl 7 yr ago x
Where can i get eq identifiers?
Masteric 7 yr ago x
Are GAMEVIL don't make send-mail feature, because there's so many hacker that send hacked item with this feature? Hmm, Aww man! Somebody please tell me that, that reason is not the reason GAMEVIL not make that feature!
Masteric 7 yr ago x
My phone is updates, so my game is damaged. My new ID is "Arraost" now.
Chanse 7 yr ago x
Can someone send me some hacked blader equipment level 40 plz and thank u
Chanse 7 yr ago x
Can someone send me some hacked blader equipment level 40 plz and thank u oh and my id is chanse
Chanse 7 yr ago x
If any person with hacked blader equipment plz send me some lvl 40 id chanse thanks
xXxBanditBiscuitzxXx 7 yr ago x
Yo can biscuits get a sapphire plz I have mined everything got a title plus some.... Id above thanks
Shadow Fury 7 yr ago x
requiem01 asked for a level 70 hacked player, use my id ShadowFury.
Kamilah2811 7 yr ago x
Can u lvl up your stuff on this game??? Please im just selling them and they were awesomes (epics & leg)
tyty77 7 yr ago x
@kamilah2811 u cant, u just get better stuff as u lvl up and go through the game
sportsguy2140 7 yr ago x
i was goin in the den of trials and as soon as i found a game with someone, it says "accessing, please wait". i have let it load for over an hour andnothing changed. apparently my level 47 tank slayer died and i chose to exit and that game still says accessing, please wait... so i unistalled the game, started a game with a ranger, and STILL when i go in the den of gtrials it says this. any help would be great!! please help and btw this is an ipod touch
Kid 7 yr ago x
If u need a hacked partner use Nicnag
Kid 7 yr ago x
On Zenonia 3
teguhTDTK 7 yr ago x
Hy, I'm blader 45 please tell me how to get free zeny, and please give me uniqe equip for my job ✨😊
Masteric 7 yr ago x
Hey, teguh! Are you from Indonesia?
diabla 7 yr ago x
Can anyone please send me some hack equipments or some zen for blader, Zenonia 4, my ID is diabla988. Pleaseee...
Leon 7 yr ago x
Can you even send stuff like zen and money or equips Btw i Play on the iphone if it is Posibble sling some my way i am lvl 70 blader please
Leon 7 yr ago x
Btw my ign is leon2442
Coolman 7 yr ago x
Hey everybody whats been going on? If you still want hacks or cheats or mail just face it there are not any cheats and they are not making mail. Just play regularly and train. See ya!
P.S (the file is an awesome song)
Soptunna 7 yr ago x
Hi there.
I am quite new to Zenonia 4, so i don't know if you can send stuff to people, and if you can, i don't know how to claim it.
I am pretty poor, could someone send me money? (If possible)
Soptunna 7 yr ago x
Btw, my ID is Soptunna, as my name says
tyty77 7 yr ago x
@soptunna u cant send anything in the game, i can tell u wat to do if u get stuck anywhere though
Chaosxiao 7 yr ago x
Pls send hacked item to chaosxiao xD
teguhTDTK 7 yr ago x
yes ! Masteric, i'm from indonesia. can u help me for get free zeny widhout jailbraik my ipad ?
Masteric 7 yr ago x
Wah, sama seperti saya, Teguh! Hehe.... Aq juga dari Indonesia. O ya, saya mainnya di Android, bukan iPad. Kalo mau tahu, coba deh Tanya sama tyty7. Siapa tahu, dia tahu!
boinxx 7 yr ago x
Need a hackes partner.. Im level 15 slayer.. Plssss or aend me hackes items.. @ekis1917
Masteric 7 yr ago x
@boinxx use Donlavito. He has a hacked Blader lvl 15 with 20+ att and thousands def.
abcdefg123456 7 yr ago x
I need a hacked Partner lvl 5 or lower. Plz and thank you.
abcdefg1234567 7 yr ago x
**For Z4 on android**
Masteric 7 yr ago x
@abcdefg1234567 use Donlavito, too! He have hacked lvl 5, 15, and 99 and all of that character have billions attack and defense!
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