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ZENONIA 4 free iphone cheats zen hacks cracked (ipod touch/game app)

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Masteric 10 yr ago x
Well, not a billions, actually. It's just thousands.
tomato884 10 yr ago x
I have Android and my Chara is Lvl 6 with around 3000 Atk and 800 Deff
so choose me :D
Dinodadino 10 yr ago x
hi! can anyone please teach me how to send mail? i can't find it on network gal.. thanks
Vastwolf 10 yr ago x
Could anyone send me hacked equipment?thanks, if able.
Masteric 10 yr ago x
No, there's no sending-mail feature now. GAMEVIL is repairing bugs in Zenonia 4, so I think maybe they don't make the sending-mail feature because they're busy repairing bugs.
tyty77 10 yr ago x
hey if anyone here is on on ipod or iphone i can tell u how to hack it for infinite zen, gold, skill/stat points, and u get automatically boosted to lvl 99 next time u get exp
brecht 10 yr ago x
Tyty77 how? I tried iapfree but it didnt work I cant even buy zen for real
tyty77 10 yr ago x
Watch this video, u have to delete the version u have downloaded and download the stuff in the description, do it from ur ipod though, it makes it easy
Beast4 10 yr ago x
Who can send ne hacked items for a slayer ? Id is Rampage
Beast4 10 yr ago x
How much money can u send in mail?
tyty77 10 yr ago x
@beast4 u cant send items on zenonia 4 and its not an equipment hack, but u get infinite health so defense and stuff doesnt matter, r u on an apple device?
Beast4 10 yr ago x
Yes i a m bu its not jailbroken can u send money through the red lady in the towns ???? If u coukd send anything that woukd be cool im getting my chizz kicked
Beast4 10 yr ago x
Can anyone send me any gold i need equiptment. But im broke lmao. Would be a great help
tyty77 10 yr ago x
@beast4 well u cant send anything yet, there is no mailing feature, if u want i can tell u a jailbreak that works for just about every ios software except for 5.1.1
Beast4 10 yr ago x
I dnt have a computer
tyty77 10 yr ago x
O ok well if u every go to a friends house or something just do it there, and if u do use this hack dont do den of trials or pvp cuz they have all the same stuff u do and the match never ends
BicBoi 10 yr ago x
Any other hacked partner for DoT that don't get stuck coz of confusion? Other than lecwarr :)
BicBoi 10 yr ago x
jerface is another great partner than can past lvl 30 within 5 min but then gets stuck at lvl 41 vs a boss lol(confuse state) hacked to death xD
Masteric 10 yr ago x
For you who wants hacked partner, use me! My ID: Arraost. U can request for low-level hacked partner! (it's because I have unlimited stat points, so I can make a hacked partner, any level, with level 96 set weapon).
I can make low-level hacked partner with minimal lvl 6. (maybe 5, too)
Arraost 10 yr ago x
New ID!
diabla 10 yr ago x
Please send me some hacked items for blader lvl 50... Pleeeease, and thanx in advance, my id is santangelo
charger 10 yr ago x
Hey Masteric is on here
uallwak 10 yr ago x
You guys are whack as hell. ALL OF YOU CHEAT. I've cleared DoT without hacks ALONE. Learn to play the game idiots.
Zenonia 4 hack 10 yr ago x Everyone click on that and scroll down and somewhere there a hack for 999999 zen. Max!!!
DrakeC3 10 yr ago x
If u go into the trials of den click on team and type in XsyCon click on the lvl 10 slayer and stand back and he can get u to stage 40
odinxz 10 yr ago x
heyy i need zen and gold!! please send me some T_T please....
Masteric 10 yr ago x
Use me! ID: Arraost.
SioSengHia 10 yr ago x
For those who needs partner in zenonia 4, u may add me.. I'm just a lvl 1 slayer with attack over 100k, defense 47k, and over 500k HP... My Id: SioSengHia
Masteric 10 yr ago x
@SioSengHia wow! That's great! Are ya a hacker?
prem 10 yr ago x
Can someone give me 7500 zens for zenonia 4 . My cs code is 355913040903507
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