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Tree World iphone game free cheats vita gems ipod touch app

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Maddison 12 yr ago x
Every time I buy a new animal from the market it says I am awarded xx vita gems, but I don't get them!

tags: tree world, help, hacks, vita gems, tree food, ipad tips
Billy 12 yr ago x
I have already maxed my tree at 50 branches, what is next? There is also a limit on the types of critters you discover.
Maisie 12 yr ago x
The little critters are so cute! I was trying to trade critters, then it froze. Please fix this!
jay 12 yr ago x
It takes a really long time to collect all of the tree food from your animals. They should make a collect all button.
bb 12 yr ago x
i want to know how to get really good ones when you summon my bff got a legendary when she summoned i cant how do you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
CHEATER 12 yr ago x
i have treeworld cheat :D i have alredy maxed at 50 branches what is next??/
Maynard  12 yr ago x
To keep going up after maxing 50 branches is to update the game. A lot of the game set up will change. What is a tree world cheat?? I keep summoning really bad critters like bunny pigs. I have 53 branches, please help!!!!
Zippy 12 yr ago x
Sorry but my tree is up to 71 branches at the moment and you get vita gems everytime i get an undescovered animal. Here is a hint. If you want alot of vita gems and tree food just change the date on the ipod in the settings a year ahead. Then go to the app and look at the whole tree. DO NOT COLLECT ANYTHING!!!!! then go back and change the date back and cha zam! Not only do your animals want to level up but they will all be ready to harvest and may have vita gems. Hope this helps
patrick 12 yr ago x
how do you get unlimited sumons
Algodon de azucar 11 yr ago x
My puppy is freeze cause I was playing with the clock, how can I get it fix. Also I have 80 branches and the game kmeep asking me get new branches but have no idea how to get them. Tnx 😃
Bailey461 8 yr ago x
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Bailey461 8 yr ago x
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Bailey461 8 yr ago x
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Sahara 6 yr ago x
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