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My boyfriend doesn't like my dog!

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Elle 11 yr ago x
Help! I got a dog half-a-year ago. A few months back I met this guy, we started dating and when I go over to his house, he doesn't want me to bring my dog, because the dog would scare his cat. I actually think he doesn't like my dog, what should I do??
Zak 11 yr ago x
Well, you can start off by thinking, is this guy really worth it? I mean, if he doesn't like your dog, but he loves you, then getting used to your dog is no problem!! I mean, if he's worried for the safety of his cat then he should just put him/her in a desperate room or in the backyard! Hope this helps!!!
Elle 11 yr ago x
You are right, I should start thinking if he is worth it, If I had to choose between my boyfriend and my dog I definitely would choose my dog! I'll ask if he won't mind putting his cat in another room for a while.
Zak 11 yr ago x
Glad I was of some assistance! I've been told by some girls that I'm very good with advice!
Grant 11 yr ago x
Tell him you got rid of your dog then hide it from him.
Zak 11 yr ago x
...why would she do that? O.o Then her boyfriend would never get the chance to learn the complete her, obviously her dog means a lot and she chose to want to test her boyfriend! :) I think what I said was pretty good! What do you say Elle??! xP
Elle 11 yr ago x
lol how can I hide my dog from him forever :) yes Zak I like your suggestions!
Zak 11 yr ago x
Yeah, no offense Grant, but that's a pretty dumb way to handle something: running away. Well Elle (haha, it rhymes!) if you have any more problemos and need some help, just come back here and I'll be here! Well anyways! I hope you and your boyfriend can work out these little problems and enjoy your relationship together!!
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