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Scarface free iPhone/iPad game cheats product hacks walkthrough

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tyler 12 yr ago x
You pretty soon run out of action points. You have to wait for it to regenerate/refill for like hours, unless you pay for them with real money buying product.

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Harry 12 yr ago x
I wish you could get product as easy as you can get cash. Save your product and spend it on businesses that you can't buy with cash.
Hollie 12 yr ago x
I tried to load the app and it freezes. Please fix this with an update.
Lauren 12 yr ago x
I love this game as I am a real Al Pacino / Tony Montana fan.
Ollie 12 yr ago x
Scarface Hack

Download iExplorer
Expand "Apps"
Expand "Scarface"
Expand "Library"
Expand "horque"
Expand "data"
Expand "user"
Right Click "gameData.json"
"Export to folder"
Export to your desktop
Open "gameData.json" with text editing application from your desktop
change level, money, and product values to desired number and save.
Drag new file back into iExplorer and click "yes" to overwrite.
Baha 12 yr ago x
Ollie youre a Boss!!!
Pfo 12 yr ago x
Hi 0llie,
Tried what you suggested but doesn't seem to work for me. When I try to export gamedatajson file back into iexplorer it just says "are you sure you want to delete specified file" I click ok and it saves but as soon as I open the scarface app again all values are back to normal. Any advice?? Pleaseeeeee!!
Mj 12 yr ago x
I tried it as well everything look great. Drag new game file into i explorer. Refresh but changed data does not show up on game. Is there a step to update changes to game?
Russ 12 yr ago x
Do you need to jail break for this to work?
Pfo 12 yr ago x
I have a jail broken phone but still doesn't seem to work! Must be something I'm doing wrong but can't figure it out!
Kenny 12 yr ago x
Yo guys, this does work!

Sure fire way:

1. Copy the "gameData.json" to your desktop.
2. DELETE the original in iExplorer.
3. Close iExplorer.
4. Edit the file and save it.
5. Open iExplorer back up
6. Copy the file from your desktop back into the correct place in the Scarface directory.
7. Click refresh, and BAM.

I just did exactly this and now have 69.99 worth of product for FREE!
Russ 12 yr ago x
Tried luck. Don't get it. Where is correct spot? User data? Help!!!!
Russ 12 yr ago x
Just to clarify on your step 6. Kenny please. Thanks
Ben 12 yr ago x
Follow the first guys steps just download Ifile on your phone and use that to change the number and save it then go out of that close app in multitask bar then reopen. All good
mariotheoboss 12 yr ago x
ollie you are a god my friend
ja1rpez 12 yr ago x
work great for me, but how do i raise my level?? that is the only thing i dont know how to do?
sway  11 yr ago x
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skesk 11 yr ago x
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MisterSelfDestruct 11 yr ago x
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dan 11 yr ago x
what iexlorer? there are 3 on the app store for iphone!
k9999.00 11 yr ago x
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loftloft 11 yr ago x
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akis 11 yr ago x
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McPepper 11 yr ago x
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Eddie 11 yr ago x
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Jay 11 yr ago x
mboy85 11 yr ago x
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