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What is a good present/gift for mother's day? Any tips?

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Karen 6 yr ago x
I have some ideas but I would appreciate your help for original gifts for mother's day. What are you guys getting for your mom? I am already spending the day with her, but besides that I want to do someting nice and special for her :) Any advice welcome.

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Zak 6 yr ago x
Hmm... I think the classic gift for a mom on Mothers Day is just flowers, I think multicolored roses?! But not red ones, those mean love! Yellow=thanks, purple=kindness, white=purity?? All of these things are what make a mom so I recommend a bouquet of different roses!! :) This is totally different from other areas though! But for me, I live in Southern California, USA, and people usually give flowers here.. And don't forget a true, heartfelt card expressing thanks, gratitude, and love towards your mom!!! xP
Karen 6 yr ago x
@Zak Thank you for your reply! Flowers with a personalised/sentimental card are always nice gifts to show love and appreciation indeed. I am definitely sending her one of these :) Good thinking about the colors.

More suggestions are welcome, come on people!
Mom 6 yr ago x
Pedicures, manicures, facials, day spas, massages....pampering her at a salon...
Zak 6 yr ago x
Well, I guess "Mom's" a mom so she should know what she's talking about! :) I'm a dude so I'm not to big on feminine stuff..
bb 6 yr ago x
what to get for your mum well the best gift that your mum would want is something made made by you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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