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Rage of Bahamut iPhone free app referral codes medals tips fellows

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Azuritelly 12 yr ago x
Does anyone here have the game Rage of Bahamut? If you are currently starting the tutorial, when you have finished it, it will ask you for a referral code. Add my code uvz58153 and you will get a bonus rare card that can help you in the game, plus additional rupies. You also help me in return by giving me a rare card when you enter my code. It's a win-win situation for the both of us. If you haven't played it yet, Rage of Bahamut is now available on iPhone, iPod and android. Don't miss out on this most exciting online trading card game!

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agileleopard 12 yr ago x
If u would like 100,000 rupies to begin with and a rare card use this referal code if you do I'll even give you have of the 100,000 it gives me just add me agileleapord is my game name and here is the referral nes51405
Thomas623 12 yr ago x
If anyone wants to have a free Rare Card ( Angelic Knight) and 100.00Rupies(which is a lot) use my referal code ore59200
This belongs to the game Rage of Bahamut.
Reelin 12 yr ago x
It's a fun game play and there are a lot of beautifully drawn cards. Use my referral code to get a very rare card and you will also get 100,000 rupies beside another rare dragon card.


Kay 12 yr ago x
Get free rare card! Please use code tbi43169
jason 12 yr ago x
Please use my referral code!!! mfd97630 iOS: Android: #rageofbahamut @rageofbahamut "Please use my code as i will send you the extra coins i get also plus some cards of your allignment im mainly after the card if im honest we both get a rare card i hope this start helps user name is fatal1984 thanks in advanced" Your reward will be 200k rupies and a special rare card this is seriously a brilliant app im hooked

solrstorm 11 yr ago x
my referral code is lob21656
dustfinger 11 yr ago x
Use my referral code its
project 11 yr ago x
use qku01303
Rex030 11 yr ago x
II 11 yr ago x
use the referral code miy30571 to start yourself with some goodies and a rare card!!!
wrex 11 yr ago x
use my referral code would be very happy:D ktf26737 please and you get 100k and a rare card when you do it :D
lol 11 yr ago x
refferal code is kcb55585 please use!!!!!
J 11 yr ago x
Referral code fok93886 for a rare card
John 11 yr ago x
mzp95998 for rare and 100000 rubies
John 11 yr ago x
Referral code it's worth entering
Gareth 11 yr ago x
umq81346 referral code for end of tutorial get you rupies and a rare card for a good start! :D search for GarethWhiting if u need any more help in game! :D thanks
Joe-133 11 yr ago x
Type in my code! :D 'iqg68506'
andre 11 yr ago x
You could at least provide some pointers if you are going to give away referral codes.....

- You have only one chance to choose your faction among Human, Gods and Demons. Since the game registers your phone, it makes almost useless to open additional accounts, so choose carefully! Humans often excel at defense, demons at attacking and gods are balanced.

-While each faction has cards with really powerful effects, most of them are not good enough to warrant the bonus that you lose when you use cards not of your faction. In other words and as a rule of thumb (with exceptions that you’ll eventually learn) try to only put cards of your own faction in your deck and aim to get cards with effects that benefit your faction.

-You can evolve cards by combining them and by enhancing. Because whenever you evolve a card only a 5% of its stats are retained, you are best leaving enhancing only for the last (4th) evolution or even better, max-enhance a 3rd evolution and evolve it with another max-enhanced 3rd evolution, then enhance again. That way, you’ll get a 97% of the stats you’d get if you max-enhanced every single step of the evolution ladder using only a third of the required cards.

-Do not forget to enter the referral code at the end of the tutorial; you will NOT have another chance to do it and you’ll have a much worse start than most people. 100k allows you to evolve/enhance at your heart’s content and the rare is one of the few that’s worth to be put in any deck and will be your best card for the first 10-15 levels of the game (unless you get super lucky with friendship packs.) My own referral code is "ncb42033" if you wish to tip me for the hints while making your life easier
Jerry101 11 yr ago x
Use the referral code ipz66764 to get a free rare card and 100,000 rupies. Make sure you enter the code a the end of the tutorial, that is your only chance to do so!

Remember code ipz66764
jason 11 yr ago x
The next 5 people to use my code mfd97630 i will send you some cards of ur realm my tag is fatal1984

1. First and foremost, KEEP ALL OF YOUR HOLY POWDER AND CURE WATER! (don’t worry about the magic circles..) These two items will be nearly useless to you at low levels, but we be useful in trades with higher levels. Rather than use rupies (coins) as currency, most higher levels use HP (Holy Powder) and CW (Cure Water) instead. Once you are able to trade, these can be used to buy rare cards from higher players. Don’t be tricked, 2 HP = 1 rare and 4 CW = 1 rare.

2. The second most important thing is to use all of your “attribute points” on stamina rather than attack of defense. In doing so, you will be able to level quicker, finish more quests, and much more. I would suggest to use these points on stamina only until you have about 75-150 stamina, but even farther is suggested.

3. Don’t be tricked! There are many cards that are worth MUCH less than they appear to be worth. The most common cards used to trick lower players are “quest cards”. These cards are cards that are obtained from quests once you obtain 6 of one kind of treasure. These are nearly useless because they cannot be evolved and you can spot them because on the bottom right corner of the card, there are no circles. (Regular cards should have 4) Some of these cards include Phoenix, Pegasus Knight, Guivre, and Dragonrider — stay away!

After going through the tutorial, you are asked to enter a referral code, which will give you and one other person 100,000 rupies and a rare card to begin.
If you enjoyed and/or learned something from this article, please use my referral code


Thanks again if you need help ingame tag is fatal1984 enjoy the bonus!
MoMo 11 yr ago x
Use my referal code please bea55939
UltimateCodes 11 yr ago x
Use my referral code "dhp26375" you will receive tremendous rewards, as an activee, you will be invited to join my clan, get great help, and receive the same prizes all these numb nuts are postin about too. :P

diehappy123 11 yr ago x
Please use REFERRAL CODE: vyi24641 :D
This is a card game where you design a deck of 5 cards. You get to choose between three races who have unique strengths: Gods(defense), Demons (attack), and Man (balanced). You will find cards through questing, game events, and participating in an order. You have 3 stats: stamina, attack, and defense. You can raise these stats up by questing or by friending players. Best advice I can offer is to join an order, pick cards that are your race, and make sure you have max friends.
I really hope you try this game since it is worth giving a try. If you use my REFERRAL CODE you will receive rare cards, 150k bonus cash to start your adventure. I'll also return a rare to you plus money and also give you some tips to help you excel! Most of the basic game play will be handled by the tutorial. See you in game!
nico 11 yr ago x
My referral code : ysr81770, i can help you if it's necessary ;)
elibb47 11 yr ago x
Help me to help you! Here's my referral code:


good luck out there! FOR NARNIA!!!
chrider 11 yr ago x
Here Chrider,

This is a great game and very adictive!! I recomend it to everyone
If youre done with the tutorial enter my ref code: tnd65043. Then you'll get a bonus of 100000 and a rare card. When you have entered search me in the game and i'll double youre money. So a rare card and 200000 in stead of 100000 bonus.

Thnx and have a nice play!
Murtagh792 11 yr ago x
Mine is qjh84668. All of the bonuses are the same, and the people boasting about giving you an extra 100000 rupies probably won't. I however can add you as a fellow if I have room and you search the name Murtagh792 when you tap user search on the profile page at the bottom. Good luck on the new accounts.
Player 11 yr ago x
Im reporting everyOne that posted their referal code on here.
Warmwarz 11 yr ago x
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