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admins 11 yr ago x
Poll for an iOS/Android contest:

Would you be interested in
- receiving a free iTunes Gift Card
- or a free case/sleeve (if you don't have an iOS device)

...just for writing comments/replies/posts? The contest will be about writing on a new forum about iOS/Android related problems. You would be helping other people (more details soon).

Let us know here. Also please post what device you are using.
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Whoa! I'm really interested! Just see me in DESTINIA forum! You'll see a bunch of replies/comments/posts! And I'm an Android Flyer user!
admins 11 yr ago x
Thank you for your interest Masteric, we need some more people to create a contest for this.
eushutup 11 yr ago x
@mastering what mean android flyer user..

@admin how can I join it..
admins 11 yr ago x
@eushutup that's a device. There is no contest yet, this is yet a poll to see how many people are interested, and who is on iOS and Android.

Are you an iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) or Android user?
eushutup 11 yr ago x
@admin I'm android user 4 ur info admin.
azure 11 yr ago x

I'm Samsung Galaxy Y user with android OS.
Ezio 11 yr ago x
I'm pretty interested, I use an android and I post in the Destinia forum.
RNHoulihan 11 yr ago x
I have an iPad 2 (running iOS 5.1.1) as well as a Motorola Droid 4, which is rooted, but still running the native Android OS at the moment.

I'm a 32-year old female, and have a PayPal account.

I'm unsure how a contest would be run in regards to posting info to help others. Would it be based on post counts? What quality control measures would be in place to prevent "artificial" post-count padding? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would be interested in hearing more details before actually saying yes or no.

What type of "help" are you looking for people to provide? Is this technical help, program- or app-specific help, rooting/modding help, etc.?

I am a member of many forums, Wikis, etc., and help people with subjects ranging from house "stuff" (like cooking), to professional nursing advice, to gaming (I'm an avid gamer, and play on PC, XBox 360, Wii, my Droid 4 phone, my iPad 2, and even old systems like Atari & NES), with a lot in between!

My only other concern is about why there is a need to offer the promise for compensation, or at least the possibility of compensation, for people to contribute to a forum. Is this simply a way to generate traffic to the forum to increase advertising revenue?

Thank you in advance for any clarification that you could provide.
admins 11 yr ago x
Hi RNHoulihan,

Thank you for your input. This forum is more focussed on games, we just would like to create a group of members discussing Android/iPhone related problems (on a new forum). It's about helping eachother. The contest/prize is just a little extra.

Yes, the contest will be based on post count/quality of the comments. Short answers don't count ("Yes/No!","I agree!"). 1-sentence answers have little value, while extensive and informative posts have a greater value (like yours above). Furthermore, simple copy/pasting from other websites will not be allowed.

Type of help: yes, all you mentioned above + the etc.

Let us know if there are any further questions. You could also e-mail us: forum @ .
admins 11 yr ago x
Android users only:

Back to creating a contest for you guys... would you be interested in winning a Android Speaker? See image. The contest will be about helping other Android users (with general problems/issues).

Let us know.

Masteric 11 yr ago x
Sorry admins, I know you've help me a lot, especially with this Avatar thingie, but I can't join. Sorry....
charger 11 yr ago x
I join I got android
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