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How to root Android

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charger 9 yr ago x
Do you want to root your old or new android? Do you want to be able to hack all sorts of games
charger 9 yr ago x
If you do all you need is:internet on phone and a file manager from market. Ok so now get on internet on phone search z4 root on 4shared. Next click on the 4shared link and wait until it let's u install. If it seas you can't install tint on download on internet then download

Then go to file manager and install it then go to z4root on phone and do a perminout root next go to market and download gamecih

There u go all rooted and have fun hacking any questions just ask
Ezio 9 yr ago x
Do you need to pay for the gamecih to hack stuff?
charger 9 yr ago x
No its free at market
dimas9858320487 9 yr ago x
do you need a computer too right?
charger 9 yr ago x
No this method is a no computer way
Ezio 9 yr ago x
I have the motorola defy, and it is taking a really long time to root. I've been doing it for over an hour and it is still on the first part. Please help, I really want to root my phone. Thanks
Masteric 9 yr ago x
@Ezio I'm using HTC Flyer, and z4root just make my device freeze! I've to wait 'til my device run out of battery, and then it off. After that, I've to recharge it and my device back to normal. Sounds easy, isn't it? No, not really. That progress take a whole full day! Oh... Can't I use z4root?
Ezio 9 yr ago x
It's fine I just rooted my phone with superoneclick.
Ezio 9 yr ago x
My phone didn't take the z4root, whenever I turn on z4root it would try to root for hours but then I was like whatever and did the root with superoneclick.
charger 9 yr ago x
Try to temporary root its only rooted until your phone goes dead or you turn it off
Masteric 9 yr ago x
Sigh... I try z4root for times but it never worked! Maybe I'm destinied to be a giver.
charger 9 yr ago x
Cheer up its only an app I can barely understand
Masteric 9 yr ago x
deadman 9 yr ago x
how to hack destinia cash
charger 9 yr ago x
Well this form is thus DEAD
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