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Jadey456 11 yr ago x
My friend asked out a boy face to face ,he said idk and she said well hope this isn't weird between us and he said ' probably yer it would' she feels like a jerk.before I asked him would u go out with her and he said well I only go out with girls who ask me out, I was really encouraging her to ask him and I feel really bad what do I do??
Masteric 11 yr ago x
I'm a girl, so don't really know about boy's stuff. Try to ask Zak! He's in DESTINIA Forum. I'm in DESTINIA Forum, too! Zak's currently inactive, but don't ya worry! He'll got active!
Delilah 11 yr ago x
If u ask me just try to make this less incomfotable of sumthing :)
Da bomb 11 yr ago x
Ok if he's gonna go out with her he'll probably ask her out or just tell your friend to hang out with other guys trust me he'll get jealous & ask her out unless he's gay. Hope I helped!
Andre 11 yr ago x
Just talk to her about your feelings
Delilah 11 yr ago x
@Da Bomb y would u make him jelous dont u think thats mean O.o .... If anything just let things happen on there own i love this guy n dont wana hurt him cuz i love him n if UR friend really loves this guy shd wouldnt hurf him and let him be.....
lolol 11 yr ago x
Ill just go with it and do boy stuff like video games
Delilah 11 yr ago x
@lolol what ???
Anna 11 yr ago x
Huh um why don't you just stop chasing boys around and focus on a life for God! Duh.
lolol 11 yr ago x
Yes delia
Delilah 11 yr ago x
Anna that sounded mean @.@
Kaykay 11 yr ago x
Well, the guy told you that he only goes out with girls who ask him out. And then when one asks him out, he declines. So he lied to you, obviously. Otherwise, he would've said yes to your friend, right?

So I think your friend is better off not getting involved with a guy who lies like that.

Like did he tell you that just so she could ask him out and then he could turn her down, like a power trip? Or was just trying to avoid answering your question of "would you go out with her" by making up a random (and untrue) excuse?
Bob1nba 11 yr ago x
Anyone ever thibk this guy isn't interested in the girl and that's why he declined? Doesn't mean he's lying wgen he only goes out with girls who ask him out. That doesn't mean that every girl that asks him out, he goes out with them. That just isn't normal if your not attracted to that person.

But I do think the guy needs to get his head out his ass about he has to be asked out like he's some ultra special guy or something. I guess he will die alone if nobody asks him out from this time on...
Bob1nba 11 yr ago x
And you can have as many excuses as you want if you don't wanna date someone. He's not obligated to be with her, or to make her happy if he doesn't have feelings for her. Of course he should tell the truth of why he declined instead of making an excuse, I hear ya on that.
The way I see it he's not worth the girls time. He's conceited obvisouly because he feels that girls have to ask him out, and if he declined once why keep trying? Obvisouly he had his doubts and do you really want a relationship to start off with a rejection and than suddenly see eye to eye and date eachother?
Sounds awkward to me
Bob1nba 11 yr ago x
And Jadey, when you asked if he would go out with her, he didn't say yes to her specifically. He just said "I only date girls that ask me out". Doesn't mean he was talking about your frirbd. Seems like he was just telling you how he does things.

He might've put some thought into it, ESP when he prob had a good idea that your frirbd would ask him out anytime. I just think he didnt wanna go out with your friend for whatever reason. And anyone can have a reason not to date someone, everyone has different views on what they want in a girl. I guess your frirbd wasn't it.

I'd just tell her to move on. She can do better.
BabyBoo16 11 yr ago x
@Bob1nba... I agree. Tell your friend she will find someone in due time.
Delilah 11 yr ago x
@bob1nba ya thats true but some guys r like that u cant change that fact
@jadey ya you should tell your friend not to worry about this guy rite noe hopefully before she falls in love with him and this guy doersnt have feelings for her she will find someone that was meant for her just probably not at this moment :)
Bob1nba 11 yr ago x
It can be hard to give up a crush, ESP when your a young man/woman. It takes time but before she knows it another guy will come into her life and make her think, "Why did I evrn waste my time thinking about that other guy".
Kaya 11 yr ago x
Well, considering you did the asking about his dating life. Could it be possible that he was referring to you when he said "I only date girls that ask me out"? He could have mistakenly thought you were crushing on him and not your friend. Might be another reason why he said no. Either way, he isn't required to say yes to every girl that asks. And when you think about it, Its better that he said no than yes and string her along for amusement.
Bob1nba 11 yr ago x
You make a very valid point Kaya. At least he didn't say yes because he Didnt want to hurt her feelings, but in the long run if he said yes, she could be hurt even more if he breaks up with her because he's not into her all That much.
Anyways, I wish girls would ask me out lol. It's so much easier if a girl likes a guy to just tell him instead of "flirting" or showing interest and than waiting for him to ask you out. We are not in the olden days, girls can pursue guys too just as much in my opinion. Or at least they should.

But if you asked 100 girls if they make the move to ask out a man first, I bet the majority would say they would rather have the man ask.
It's just the world has like a "standard" for how it goes, and it's always been the men that asked girls out for so long that it's hard for women to think otherwise. Not eveyobe of course but like I said, the majority.
charger 11 yr ago x
That boys not gay if he seas that then no its just a complicated boy thing
Trust Me im a boy
Delilah 11 yr ago x
I wonder how come some guys f like that ?!?! N @charger arent u from the destinia forun
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Wow! You're here, Delilah! Wait, so, you're a guy? Charger's active in so many forum. He's the Silent Giver, if you don't know.
Cherry 11 yr ago x
But really, from a girl's point of view...

The fact that he said 'I dont know' already puts me off. I mean, if he's interested, he's interested, right? If he's not, he's not. He has to give the poor girl a clear answer. But at the same time I think you should let your friend and this guy sort things out themselves. It'll be great to give her advice, but don't plant love notes in each others' lockers or anything. xD
Delilah 11 yr ago x
@mastric nooooo nooooo ima girl n delilahs not mai real name i jus like the name delilah n zak thoose r mai future kid names n i know UR real namd isnt masteric ;)
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Yeah, you're right. Wanna know my real name? Come to DESTINIA Forum and I'll tell ya! I'm waiting! And happy to meet another girl!
delilah 11 yr ago x
hahah masteric kk
Jadey456 11 yr ago x
Thanks guys she has gotten over him already

Thxxxx soo much love ya all
delilah 11 yr ago x
already !!!! X)
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