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Kayluah 6 yr ago x
Hi all was wondering if anyone ended up dating their rivals bf/gf if so what happened??
jophilo 6 yr ago x
@kayluah: i'm still on the oz thing. Did you finished it? If yes, what's happening next?
Renee 6 yr ago x
Add me on Hollywood and a list!

GC: hunter12341

Would loove some gifts. :)
Sillyheffa 6 yr ago x
@kayluah went on the date and that was it...nothing happened. That was boring
Daphne 6 yr ago x
What are the rewards for completing the oz movie? And how long will the event be available for?
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
Hi everyone! Just discovered this forum on Stardom: Hollywood. You've all been helpful so far! I don't have friends who play the same game (sad!) and I think for android users, we need to add people to FB right? Would it be OK to add some of you?
jophilo 6 yr ago x
I've finished the oz movie. The guy gave me the cosplay and ..... Nothing !!!! Only arnie's tasks. Can't talk to Charnel, can't join bling crew (where is the secretary ??!!)... It's so boring...bbbooooooorrrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg !!!!!
glimmer25 6 yr ago x
Has anyone auditioned for the dentist role with edward hacker yet? Its asking me to ether look in his eyes or not and I dont know which to choose. His assistant said dont but it could be a trick can some help?
jophilo 6 yr ago x
When did you get this task glimmer25? After shooting oz movie ?
glimmer25 6 yr ago x
Um unfortunetly I havent done the oz movies yet
pp 6 yr ago x
I can't join the Bling Crew even I'm on #1 of the list and level 16...and I start to have an affair with another now. he said I can go to his place now...but cannot find his
jophilo 6 yr ago x
Damn...i don't have any other quest. And i never seen the ones you've mentionned...
@glimmer25: are you playing on android or ios ?
May be i'm gonna start the game all over...erase et downloading it again ....
glimmer25 6 yr ago x
Android system on the Note 2 and I have the oz quest but I haven't started it yet
jophilo 6 yr ago x
Can you tell me the quests you've done please glimmer25? The publicist (charnel) guive you some quest to do ?
I ask because it's seems that some of the quests you're doing or you've done are missing for me :(. I already done the oz quest and i have nothing to do now ...
glimmer25 6 yr ago x
Well what rank are u? I've only just now gotten to C
jophilo 6 yr ago x
I'm already an A lister...
pp 6 yr ago x
glimmer25: I chose look in his eyes and he is very angry and left.....when I saw it before. But it doesn't matter coz I can still reach #1 on A-list now. I wonder what should do after reach it at this moment...
Bommie (enchantednight) 6 yr ago x
Does anyone remember what party we met Robert Eger at? Harrison's, Shirley's, or Carl's?
Bommie (enchantednight) 6 yr ago x
eeep, never mind. I took a stab at it & it was Harrison's party.
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@jophilo i havent finished it on ios yet though i did finish the oz movies on android and was given the oz red shoes and a basket bag with toto in it lol i think that was it
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@sillyheffa lol serious i though ur rival would have done something boring alright!!
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@chelsea u can add me on fb for android if u like i made a fb page just for stardom so add anyone else of my friends they are all android players type star.tua.1 in search name is star lilly
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@glimmer dont look in his eyes he gets angry lol
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@jophilo to restart u have to go in the main menu if u delete app and redownload it will just start where u left off because its and online game it saves it online wen u play so if u want to restart press the settings button in top left corner
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
Hi guys,

Did anyone of you buy an apartment? Is it important?
Chelsea 6 yr ago x

Thank you! I also made an account for this based on your suggestion on the previous page. Will add you now. I'm chelsea smith
Daphne 6 yr ago x
Just finished all 5 movies and now just waiting on the call to film the Oz movie. I hope I get something good!
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
Hi again everyone!

Another question: do we lose fans if the bf/gf breaks up with us?
Lizzi 6 yr ago x
Help! Love stardom Hollywood, played on it loads until these past few days it just wont load up, it keeps loading to 100% then starting again, over and over again, iv tried re-installing but its still doing it :( any ideas?!
Bommie (enchantednight) 6 yr ago x
@chelsea Buying an apartment isn't really important.It helps if you want certain types of pets.

Also, I don't think you lose fans for breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
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