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Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@chelsea no probs def beta to make a seperate page from ur main account for this game so u can add anyone i dont like adding just anyone to my main page..also i dont think buying an apartment is that important..

@lizzi that happened to me aswell only thing i could do was wait for an update and it fixed it or give glu a quick email they might have another fix?
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
Thanks @Bommie and @Kayluah
Lizzi 6 yr ago x
Thanx,but it's decided to work now! Jst loaded up properly last night for the 1st time in a week! Only thing is it put me bk a few story's but never mind, at least it's working!
Stardom123 6 yr ago x
Gc: Denise14tje A-list level 11
I was a while mot on stardom it did't want to load then crashed the hole time after update it works again then i was c-lister now a 6-7 days later i am already A-Lister :)
Stardom123 6 yr ago x
Tip buying new clothes and hair also you get fans if you get presents you get also fans
Tip:2 move in to a new appartment then you get also fans
Gabs 6 yr ago x
my gc: gabs.oriana, please add me, thanks
Gabs 6 yr ago x
hi please add me, i play both stardom, my GC: gabs.oriana, thank you
kino williams 6 yr ago x
What do I do when stardom hollywood edition won't work for my phone
Regressive 6 yr ago x
Does tapping xp, money, lightning actually help anything? It doesn't seem to give any boost, so I usually just hit every bird, can, newspaper bin, etc and move to the next area.
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@regressive tapping it kinda take about 5 secs off ur time per xp/money/lightning u click but I've noticed if u click em right after each other doesn't really work, when u have no energy left or u see the timer counting try it see if u notice it or not
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
Was wondering donu het nominated for awards on hollywood aswell and also what is usually the first movie u get nominated for??
Kaylauh 6 yr ago x
Correction *DO U GET lol
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
I wonder about that, too, @Kaylauh. So far, I'm an A-lister, #5 and I've been only accepting drama movies hoping to get nominated but nothing is happening so far.
Renee 6 yr ago x
Jazzi2505, thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of gifts you sent me. Hopefully you read this because I truly am grateful. Thank you so much!
Renee 6 yr ago x
And also, sorry for not gifting you back. YoU kinda already have everything. XD
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
Stuck at 1249 on dating even if I've already had a few dates after I've reached this point. :(
Is anyone else having this problem?
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
@chelsea yea it is weird but im only b lister thought would have been nomonated for something by now!! And if ur an a lister with no noms then maybe there isnt any???
Renee 6 yr ago x
Should I switch to Marcia?
Lizzi 6 yr ago x
Hey do I stay with that newmason plastic surgery dude or leave him n go with that Wilfred watkinson director?!
@kayluah 6 yr ago x
Hmm..maybe. I'm getting bored. I don't know what else is in store after being on A-list. You still get a lot of projects but it seems that there are no quests left. I hope there is an update.
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
From their FB page, they fixed the glitch and as of yesterday, we are supposed to get more quests and be able to hire Max. Not sure if it will work this time but I will try and play again today.
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
Yea i saw that fb post about the update so hopefully that beings all the a listers some quests!
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Kayluah Hopefully, but no improvement yet as of today. Later I hope...

I've read thru previous posts and I didn't encounter a lot of the other quests you guys have done. I didn't meet Edward Hacker, I've only been to one party so far, the 1st one when I started. The one with the tattoo thing, I didn't do either. I'm on A-list now and I wonder if I'd still be offered those quests. After that, nothing. I wonder what I did wrong...
Another Random Person 6 yr ago x
I came on here to ask about Max, haha. Thanks Chelsea! And I've had a fair few quests since being on the A List. I highly recommend dating someone famous, as that skyrocketed me to the A List ^_^
Maddy 6 yr ago x
I just updated stardom hollywood then I went on it and it keeps loading for 1 sec then going back to the homepage on my iPad.
Can anyone help me?!!!:(
Maddy  6 yr ago x
I just updated it and know its going on but it keeps loading 100% then going back to 0% over and over again
Another Random Person 6 yr ago x
@Maddy: I had that problem. Here's what Glu said to me:
Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background, then touch one of them and hold your finger down until you see a red minus sign, touch the sign to terminate the app. You can terminate most apps on this screen to free up memory. Tap on the home button to return then try to launch the game now. Most users report this works for them. if it does not work for you right away, turn off your device completely then turn it back on and try again.

I did the above and it carried on working like normal after that.
Sillyheffa 6 yr ago x
Did anybody give top billing to there rival because I didn't n she walk away from the movie. If you did, tell me what happen.
Stardom123 6 yr ago x
Gc: Denise14tje A-list level 11
Another Random Person 6 yr ago x
Hi! I just completed the Oz quest, and got my items, so if anyone wants to see them, just say ^_^. I won't post them just yet as I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone!
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