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Mcat 6 yr ago x
Looking for a single male stardom player with unlimited stars and cash ;)
My Game Center is
Add me!

Becky 6 yr ago x
I'm hoping someone here can help me... I accepted a film role in San Francisco before I could film the role that lets me actually go to San Francisco so I'm kinda stuck because they won't call me to film anything else.... Please help!
MCat 6 yr ago x
Guys hey I'm back and I need help!
My game restarted :(
Can you send me gifts?
My Game Center is hhhjjjkj
Stacey 6 yr ago x
@becky I'm not sure, is it the mission that actually unlocks San Fran or a just a general movie role?
Renee 6 yr ago x
My hollywood keeps repeating missions and things over and over again. It's getting frustrating
BounyAngel 6 yr ago x
It kept crashing and calling giving the same call over and I've again even after I exit my game in order to fix this u must either wait for next update or reinstall ur game and start over after u delete all ur money and stars u buy or earn will be lost also ur fans and progress so afte. U delete it'll already reset the game
JadeSilver 6 yr ago x
Hi, Add me on GameCenter: i am Seceliya, also try talltrio, thx and don't worry i'm an expert i can help with this game!
JadeSilver 6 yr ago x
Hi, turns out you need to add me by Jade Silver on gamecenter or Seceliya so try both, also hint: Charlene wants you to buy your boyfriend a gift, or girlfriend, the cheapest cost 8 stars, so save them
JadeSilver 6 yr ago x
Hey here to help!
Here are some quests charlene will give u :
1200 dollar dress
Go to harrison fords party
Go to Mr.Headley mansion

Those are a few quests so i will keep ya informed.
JadeSilver 6 yr ago x
Hey, add me on gamecenter please! I am Seceliya! I just sent gift to my new friends, so tell me if you got them.
Skylar 6 yr ago x
Im a B lister level 11 and i have a boyfriend thats an A lister and he already invited me to his place in the valley but everytime i try to go to his apartment it says you havent i inlocked this area someone please help
Skylar 6 yr ago x
Add me on game center kemoney123
JadeSilver 6 yr ago x
Hi, maybe your relationship level isn't high enough, but it doesn't matter because when u get married he will move in with u
Elle Rivera 6 yr ago x
Finally a new update! It fixed my problem which was every time I opened my game I would be in a casino with the same clothes and hairstyle even when I changed.
Ty 6 yr ago x
Add me on game center ill give you gifts :)

Ty 6 yr ago x
Im stuck on 4999/5000 relationship how do I bump it too 5000/5000 I already bought him all the gifts idk what else to do someone help?! Should I leave him & start over?
Beau 6 yr ago x
@ty your stuck because your meant to be, in he the next update you'll be able to move up
Evan 6 yr ago x
Heyy people:p you guys should add me on GC I need more friends who okay stardom:Hollywood all of mine suck haha(: thanks in advance
Mikri 6 yr ago x
Hey everyone!
Is there a hack for the game on a macbook? Each hack seems to be for a device, but none for a macbook. Also, add me on Game Center: Mikri2010.
Azepp 6 yr ago x
I became an a lister #58 very quickly and only on level 13. Currently waiting for Cosmo v Cosmo so I can fly out to Cannes.

I found out a trick: if you click the heart at a location for a date, your bf/gf will wait there for you and won't dump you ever! So if you have movies and can't waste energy on them set up a date somewhere. Just DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR BUBBLE aka don't talk to them leave them there until you are ready.

Hope that helps.
Azeppp 6 yr ago x
Also, add me on Game Center! Angiebrooklyn01
Maryssah 6 yr ago x
Hey everyone!
After months of stress I finally restarted the game! It's hard to start all over ;-)
Please add me on fb: "Maryssah May"
KatieAyers 6 yr ago x
Can I switch between my kindle an iPhone since I have the app on both? I'm new to this game and I can't figure it out. I would like to be able to play my SAME character on both devices, because sometimes when I am out of the house I don't have WiFi for my kindle, so then I would like to use my iPhone during those times. Is this possible? Please help! Thank you so very much!
Jay dub 6 yr ago x
Im alist # 1 200m fans
LegallyC 6 yr ago x
Can somebody with a hacked iphone send me gifts :3 I just need some from the last few updates.

Thank you to those who did <3 you all deserve cookies :)

Merry Christmas
Beau 5 yr ago x
@katieayers. Um I don't think so. You could do it on two apple devices with Game Center but with kindle and apple no
Lolo 5 yr ago x
@everyone asking about max & alassinsane
It's not after 'the break'. After the break, all that happens is that Charlene will congratulate you.
GiglrNHoot 5 yr ago x
Anyone that has a hacked iphone/iOS device for stardom could you gift me things?
Rachyybabe  5 yr ago x
Okay so I'm level 12 a C lister and I've been dating an a lister since the beginning of the game but now when I try to call him on dates his name doesn't show up only other guys I've flirted with. Is this a glitch?
😜 5 yr ago x
Everyone plz add me!!!! Game Center name: MichelleWaples
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