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girlxc 5 yr ago x
@BouncyAngel: Hi I hope you see this but please join the Stardom Hollywood forum and answer questions. You know so much about the game. Also could you help with editing the wiki. The current admins would appreciate it.




*** link needs to be approved
Zachhhh 5 yr ago x
Who is an A-Lister here? I need to date you, whats your game enter account, i'll add you up!
Maya 5 yr ago x
I'm an A-lister! @Zachhhh
Whats your game center username?
queenansarel 5 yr ago x
I really need help. I really want the stardom hack but I can not get it with out a survey, or some type of twist. I was going to jail break my phone but my parents said no and i cant find one for the iphone3g. I really want a wedding dress for my upcoming wedding, and I want to buy the headly mansion. but I dont have the money and it will take forever nor do I have the stars. I need help to do this. Please add me anyone my GC name is QueenAnsarel
FoXy8910 5 yr ago x
Hi everyone!

Can you guys add me. I play both stardom games. My GC name is: FoXy8910.

Thank you and see you around!
FoXy8910 5 yr ago x
I'm an A-lister by the way!
katiem106 5 yr ago x
Hey, add me on Stardom Hollywood. My GC name is katiemorris106
lollipop 5 yr ago x
why i haven't been nominated
i'm A list and level 17 and i'm the number 2 on the top star
Ginavld 5 yr ago x
I'm an a-lister level 19 with 130.8 mil fans. Add me
xxEvilHeartxx 5 yr ago x
Hi all, recently had to restart yet again, am looking to add to friend list again. Please add me GC is: xxEvilHeartxx
LegallyC 5 yr ago x
Hello all ! If anyone has a jail broken phone could you gift me the items I need that are locked ?! I will be greatly appreciated ! My GC is AmethystCC
River Vivi 5 yr ago x
Add me on stardom, I restarted my game because I had completed everything.

I give gifts!
haley 5 yr ago x
how do you get to 5000? I am on 4999 and every time I go on dates it won't change to 5000 ? what do I do ?how do I get there
verapham_ 5 yr ago x
If it doesn't work than you just have to wait for the app to update.
Banana 5 yr ago x
What do you do after finishing the By Morilaglu goal? I'm stuck and no websites tell you.
ClifgalSpot 5 yr ago x
Can someone tell me that if you get married do you live with your spouse ? 😃😃😊😊
iRubio 5 yr ago x
I think maybe if you have a Game Center to add everyone on this conversation so you would have a better chance at having friends, and also the same for is you have a Facebook , if you have fb my name is Khaliq Aziz & my Game Center is HerAdddddiction
K thnks
iRubio 5 yr ago x
Thats my Game Center

Kaitlyn 5 yr ago x
I have a friend and I sent her a gift on Stardom. I'm engaged also. I looked at me and my friend status and it showed the dating status with a heart (in the picture above). I don't want to loose my fiancÚ so what should I do ? I tried to break up with her but then it went back to we were still dating after I pressed break up.

Maddie 4 yr ago x
Ok so,I do not like who I am dating and I want to date someone else but! They aren't in the area what do I do?!
Py-Philemond  4 yr ago x
I wanna know where can I go to play free video and they give u free money or star. Thank u😉

Py-Philemond  4 yr ago x
Add me please I'll send u gift:: M4cky190🎁👏🏼
Maya Mcgill 4 yr ago x
Shennod Moore can you help mee? They updated GG and it's confusing. I rooted my phone already but I don't know how to hack into stardom and add stars, cash, and energy
charlotte 2 yr ago x
What do you do at your boyfriends house I'm a c-lister and hes a d-Lister my name is Hannah on the game and I cant do anything in his home help
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