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Maddy 6 yr ago x
On stardom when I'm dating it seems to stay on 1249 and never go 1250 even though I've dated them a lot!:-(
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Maddy Same situation with me. :(
Ember 6 yr ago x
Hi everyone! Wow. Just reading thru the posts, i realise i've never come across lots of things mentioned here!

What Edward Hacker movie?
What tattoo??
Who Marcia??!

Lol... Btw im A-lister, #1, level 17, and have maxed out at 68.8mil fans. I didn't get more fans after my last 2 movied debuted. Annoying! Completed Oz movie some time back and haven't had any new quests at all. Charlene isnt't speaking to me, I can't get represented by Max, and relationship with ex-boyfriend stopped at 1249/1250. It's terribly boring at the moment. Boo.

So now I'm jus dating a new guy and earning money for the big house... And i haven't seen any updates yet. Wonder why...
ahahhano 6 yr ago x
hey guys, im not sure if awards work the exact same way it does in a list as it is for hollywood but it is similiar. and i know the wooden cuokoo is the first movie you get nominated for. and then you buy the dress/tux and wait 24 hours for it. then you go to the award show and the reporter will ask you questions about the movie. iadd me on game center: ahahhano
Angel 6 yr ago x
When u r dating someone and u start dating someone else and starnews finds out do u lose fans for dating two guys? do u have to break up with one? please answer someone. I'm an C-lister #415 working on How I Met Your Mother, a movie Charlene gave me. :-)
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Ember Our situation is exactly the same!!! *sigh*
Bommie 6 yr ago x
@Angel you don't lose fans. In a way, it's easier dating two guys since the relationship starts off with a few hearts.
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@ahahhano do you remember who gave you the wooden cuckoo movie? Is it Max?
Kayluah 6 yr ago x
Ok so there is award shows in hollywood!!
Gabs 6 yr ago x
hey, anyone already choose what marcia offer? geaorge spielerm edward kacker or wendy allen? cn u please help me?
Angel 6 yr ago x
Okay so now I'm a B-lister lvl 13 #355 I got over 1,000,000 fans dating this guy and now I'm more famous than him should I break up with him? :-)
Savanna 6 yr ago x
I am a level 14 A-Lister who is represented by Max. I got him to represent me through a party at the mansion in the hills.
Ember 6 yr ago x
@Chelsea Did u get an update yet? Have things gotten more exciting?? I don't know why i'm not seeing any updates...

@Angel i got lots of fans dating more than 1 guy lol. Didn't lose any fans. In fact, just tapping on "flirt" with the same guy many times has gotten me to the 100-heart point where Starnews reports u being seen with this guy and u get fans for that. For me it's happened with several guys already.
Ember 6 yr ago x
@Angel i kept my E-list boyfriend until i got to A-list when i had more guys to choose from. But it's up to you. If u're a B-lister and manage to date an A-lister, he could get u more fans and push up your ranking.

Having a lower list boyfriend was handy for me cos they don't expect fancy places for dates lol. My e-list (ex)boyfriend was happy going to Wasted where dates were cheap. My A-list boyfriend expects to be wined and dined in the most posh places (very costly)!
ahahhano 6 yr ago x
@Chelsea no it was arnie but i don't know if its just limited to him. he tells you to meet with this director and then you have lunch at either the seafood or italian place (i picked the second choice because i speak italian)
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
I've just finished The Wooden Cuckoo and I was wondering if there were any questions you have to get right in the star awards? I've finished the film with 5 stars and I'd hate to muck it up by tapping a wrong answer
ahahhano 6 yr ago x
@AlassinSane theres no 100% chance youll get the award even if you get all the questions right. but the questions are the kind of genre it is(drama not romance) the lines from the movie (correct him its the wrong lines) and i forget if theres any other questions. hope that helped.
ahahhano 6 yr ago x
also is the dating system like in a list where if you dont go on a date with them like everyday theyll break up with you? cause a lot of the quests are 24-48 hour projects and i dont want to waste money by always breaking up and getting back together again.
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
Ah thanks!
And actually I've had some annoying experience with that. I don't know a thing about A List but with my current boyfriend/fiancÚ I did a 48 hour film once and didn't date him during that period, resulting in him calling me up as soon as I stepped out of the studio to break up x.x I charmed him with 19 stars but jeez, these men are needy xD
I'd suggest if you did have to do a 48 hour film date your bf in the middle of it, even if you just score 3 hearts on it because at least it'll keep him from making the dreaded break up call. I just did a 24 hr film and he didn't call thankfully, but I did date him a few hours before and plan to date him as soon as my energy regenerates.
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
Is the Oz update worth it btw? Because I don't want to spend an entire week on special event movies, rather than the story's, only to get a couple of clothing items I'm not bothered about.
Angel 6 yr ago x
I bought a house downtown but I still have my apartment in the neighborhood. is iy supposed to be like that?
jophilo 6 yr ago x
When do we met Max? Who's invite us to the party? Is it after the awards?
ahahhano 6 yr ago x
@AlassinSane awh that is just like a list. in that game this guy on the b list was my fiance and i went to do a 48 hour project and he broke up with me afterwards. i had to use 9 stars to get back together with him. andi know right whats in the water that makes the men so clingy?
and not really unless you're a big fan of the wizard of oz and want the clothes (emerald necklace, ruby red shoes and black and white stripe tights) or are bored and want another quest.
@Angel yep it's supposed to be like that which is a good thing bc it'd be a waste of money if you bought say the apartment and wanted to keep it but then went to upgrade to the beach house.
Sillyheffa 6 yr ago x
Did anybody give top billing to there rival because I didn't n she walk away from the movie. If you did, tell me what happen.
zepzaplin 6 yr ago x
Add me on Stardom Hollywood @zepzaplin
Angel 6 yr ago x
I just got on this morning and the starnews guy keeps giving me fans its annoying. not one second goes between it. thonit did get me on the a-list :-). is it supposed to be like that?
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
@ahahhano Lol I know it's awful xD and the bf's apartment is so dull :/ normally I would have just broken up and found another but I've become quite attached to him, especially as most of the other men have coloured hair or awfully mismatched clothes 0.o
Haha no it's undoubtedly a glitch, I've had it a few times after I've changed an outfit and got 6mil fans twice. Needless to say, it's a good glitch heh but in my case it's made the game a bit dull as I'm now #1 A-Lister (mostly from dating too) and have nothing to aim towards except the storyline
Angel 6 yr ago x
now I'm a-lister #1 bc of the starnews guy. yay me. but do we meet Max now? or is that after "The Break" the movie
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Ember No I didn't get any update. :(
What about you? Any change?
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
@Everyone asking about Max
I haven't met him yet and I'm just at the first star awards, so it's definitely after The Big Break movie, which is the first film role you get I think? And I've read on another forum that Charlene tells you about meeting Max at his mansion party, no idea when though sorry.
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