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ahahhano 6 yr ago x
@AlassinSane omg same! There's only like 2 decent guys in my contacts. its like why are 95% of the randomly generated guys weird looking? i haven't seen the guy I want to date's apartment but that's because of the movies.
@Angel *gasp* that happened to me too. I got confused cause the reporter gave me more fans for things I already got fans for but I just went with it.
Regressive 6 yr ago x
LOL I will have you all know the women of Hollywood are just as clingy and will dump me in a heartbeat if I don't take them on a date in more than 24 hours, so if it's in the water, they're all drinking it. My A-list girlfriend gave me the call and it said I had to use 20 charm just to get back with her. I was like pshh.. pfft.. pshh NO!

This is why you date your friends. Friends never complain, even when you take them to Wasted over and over and over. It helps if your friends are A-List of course but I've never gotten a call from a friend expecting charm bribes.

I look pretty cool in the game. A-lister white boy, black hair, punk ear piercing, black v-neck t shirt, sleeve tattoo, black jeans, converse. Currently rocking the beard but that's for a role lol. Unfortunately I do it all from a droid phone and I have no ipad, so I can't make an account seperate from Facebook. I tried gamecenter but that's only apple stuff, so I'm no help. :(
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
@Regressive xD or maybe it's because they see us get the number of every male/female in sight heh.
I'm in the same situation as you sadly, and none of my fb friends play it so I'm done for x.x Unless I make an fb account specifically for that and dress it up however I want, then I shall be freee from these darned needy men 8D course there's the matter of fb finding me out BUT THESE ARE DESPERATE TIMES!

xD and I got the call from Charlene about The Wooden Cuckoo making it as a nominee for the Star Awards, 24 hours after I finished the film... Now I have to wait another 24 hours for the awards to start. *sobs* what next, another 24 hours for applying makeup?!

Oh and Regressive you sound, attractively normal :o black hair, what an abnormality amongst these blue and pink-haired apparent punk stars, honestly when I saw a blue afro haired + fake tanned guy I just fell about laughing. So many afros! :O
Regressive 6 yr ago x
Haha Alassin, Revolver is an awesome album by the way. I need to find a decent avatar, I feel naked.

And I tried to logout of the game so I could use my dog's (female boxer) Facebook account lol. The plan was to give her her own character and work with her professionally but when I signed in as her it didn't start the game over, it was still my character. So I thought I was going to ruin my game and switched back to me. When I came back something strange and awesome happened. I now have a twin with the name of my dog on my list who auto-levels with me. So when I shoot a movie, I basically bring my twin with me, who is A-List and get the high fanbase. Kind of a cool mistake.

My quote on the game for when people run into me at bars and such is: "I'm so A-List, all my cars run on premium unleaded cocaine and I only use them to drive to my helicopter... FEAR THE BEARD, B****!" :D

I brought in a couple of female friends I went to veterinary asst. school with, and they're currently dating my character to gain fans lol. Ohhhhh to be used. One of them bought me some ridiculous ass clothes to wear today. The pink tank top and some stonewash jeans lol. I was like, "Are you kidding me? With the beard? People will talk. Why didn't you buy me some sandals to complete the immasculation?" :)

Hopefully my hair doesn't turn pink from stress. Maybe that's what happened to all these random NPC's?
Ember 6 yr ago x
@Chelsea no change here either. It's getting more and more boring playing the game :(

@Regressive man u made me laugh! How i wish the guys in the game could be half as cool as u ;)

@AlassinSane not just the afros, what's with the crazy accessorizing?? Half the guys i come across have more accessories on than i do! And yeah i'm still kinda attached to my first ex-boyfriend lol. He has a sleeve tat, wears white tshirt and jeans (yay!), and only has a hat. He was the first normal looking guy to come along and i grabbed lol. Currently dating a red-haired politician with an earring. I might have to dump him now that he went and put on a chunky necklace!

Oh and for anyone about to use stars to charm the boy/girlfriend back, u might wanna hold out first. I'm not sure if this only happened to me, but when the ex boyfriend broke up with me the first time, it would hv cost me 20 stars to charm him back. I chose to break up. I later tried to date him when i was in a restaurant and a box popped up asking if i want to make up with him. And it only cost ONE star! So we made up lol. We've since broken up again, but it still only costs me 1 star to get him back if i tried to date him. So yeah, give it a try, might work for u...
Regressive 6 yr ago x
@Ember thank you, I used to be a boring douche, then I bought a personality for only 80 stars. Most other guys just buy chunky necklaces with their stars, and this is where they falter. :D

It scares me how much more boring the game can get, I'm lvl 13 A-List still at about 250 on the chart, so I must be like.. on the cusp of "ohhhh no.. I've now dated all the spray-tanned, blue-haired, hooker boot wearing troll women of Starbeans and there is nothing left for me but to order a cadrouple caramel mochiatto with sprinkles and OD on the 'prescription' painkillers I found on Arnie's desk" mode.

Most people don't know about this mode but it's real. I googled it. Urban Dictionary would never lie to me! :P
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
@Regressive yeah it is indeed! It's one of my favourite albums and I just chose it out of them as the art stood out the most ;) *too lazy to make own avatar atm*
Haha that certainly is one awesome mistake xD
Oh yeah that'd explain the pinks. As for the blues... They got so stressed with their abysmal accessorising even their hair gave in on normality?
@Ember OH THOSE CHUNKY NECKLACES, they are the bane of my Stardom existence. It's like almost every game generated male is a bling, punk, gay, colourblind maniac with a determination of self fashion-harm.

Oh and has anybody else come across the orange-afro, fake tanned bloke Michael Mcdonald who is a manager of a fast food chain? I laughed I admit, then I got frustrated because the McDonald's clown is NOT spray tanned :|
Angel 6 yr ago x
im still wondering wen do u meet Max?
Ember 6 yr ago x
@Regressive Dude. Talk about boring. i'm in the "i have absolutely nothing left to do but bat the eyelashes of my overly made-up large doe eyes and check my nails at an unhealthy frequency, while i reject Arnie's film offers, and think about when i have to date that chunky-necklaced politician before he gives me the dreaded breakup call" zone. Yeah...the wordiness of this zone almost rivals that of your mode heh. I'm at #1 Level 17, so u'll probably be joining me in this zone real soon. The "overly made-up doe eyes" bit might not apply to you though....not saying u haven't got pretty eyes, just probably (hopefully) not overly made up. Bring those prescription drugs with u ;)

@AlassinSane "colourblind maniac with a determination of self fashion-harm" rofl!! Spot on! Oh my fast food restaurant manager is called Parker Hamilton. Some dude i made the mistake of flirting with a bit too much (i flirt with EVERYONE in the game lol) and now he keeps asking me on dates. Odd looking fella with his shirt buttoned all the way up and baseball cap worn backwards. My 2 ex boyfriends have taken to wearing lilac bermuda shorts. Yep. I have that effect on men. Have u come across a guy whom i swear was modeled after Robert Pattinson? Well, Edward Cullen rather, seeing as he was all pasty with black crazy hair.

@Angel i'm still waiting for Max. Maybe this is my retribution for snubbing him on Stardom A-List...
Angel 6 yr ago x
when do u get nominated and how for star awards?
Angel 6 yr ago x
@Ember yea I think I've seen a clone of Edward Cullen Team Edward!!!!!! lolz
Regressive 6 yr ago x
Haha Alassin, finally Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers has a job he's qualified for, fast-food management. If you don't know of him, watch 40 Year Old Virgin, they make fun of him in the movie. He must really be reaching for a new fanbase if he's doing the orange afro with spray tan.

@Ember lol I do happen to be rather pretty but in the manliest, insecure hetero way. Not really, but sometimes when I stand on the street raiding garbage cans for money, unicorns stop and ask me if I'd like a ride. It's just awkward because I don't speak unicorn and their english is very broken. Also unicorns will only drive a Prius because they're eco-friendly and I like classic cars so it's like, "No sir..."

Just wondering, are you two girls from the UK? Alassin said bloke and you just said "spot on" lol. If you're like.. aussie or kiwi please don't be offended by my asking if you're british and vice versa :D, I'm just another silly american.
Regressive 6 yr ago x
Also Ember, you and I need to date so I can have my lilac bermuda shorts phase when you dump me. It's a right of passage to true manhood, and you hold the key. :P
Angel 6 yr ago x
wats the tattoo quest and wen do u get it?
Regressive 6 yr ago x
There we go, there's normal me. :)

Regressive 6 yr ago x
This one is me and my twin, me rocking the beard, him without..

Regressive 6 yr ago x
LOL sorry, one more with me dressing up my twin up as a cholo..

AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
Oh good lord regressive, that last one of your doggy twin is priceless xD and ooh wow you *do* look normal :o you even have my favourite male face shape eheh. But the tattoo, why the tattoo?? xD I'll get one up of myself in a mo.
And why yes, I am pwopah British who is currently freezing to death in our "coldest March since 1962" ;D idk about Ember though, she hasn't said "Crikey mate!" yet so I'm guessing brown-and-green fruit, American or British.

@Ember haha I get all the men's numbers just so I can call them on a date in an A-List frequented place and dump them, therefore resetting the place and filling it with new people :D
Yeah those buttoned shirts are odd, relax, show some neck people! But no I haven't noticed any Robert Pattinsons, but then again my game is just full of chunky-necklaced, fake tanned, multicoloured afro'd nutters ;D
And oh those lilac shorts, ughh. My frequent crime drama costar has them all the time with white hair and a chunky necklace, doesn't really strike me as a likely cop outfit 0.o

@Regressive lol I've heard of that film but never seen it, I'll have to check it out heh.
How old our we here btw? Obviously you don't have to answer that if you don't want to ;)
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
There's me and my bf, unfortunately he abandoned his neat tux and donned the high neck shirt x.x my screencap's playing up so I can't get a proper clean shot in the closet, curse that black fern thing in the corner!

@Angel the tattoo is for a film called The Roaring Hogs, a motorcycle gang film where to prove your "tougness" you either get the tattoo or beat the other auditioners in drinking and pool etc, like someone said a few pages back. That, the awards and Max all come along in the storyline, there isn't anyway you can trigger them, you just have to go along til they pop up in their own set times in the story.

Regressive 6 yr ago x
Alassin so ya don't like sleeve tattoos hmm? I don't have any tats on me in real life because I can never make up my mind and wouldn't want to pick something trendy or I might end up like all the douchebags with tribal tattoos now. But I'm 24 and have plenty of time to decide. :) Your character looks pretty good.. Alex on the other
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
Nope not at all, unless they're just temporary ones for the fun of it. Permanently dying your skin has always seemed pretty stupid to me, unless by sleeve tattoos you mean those skin-toned nylon thingy ones you wear on your arm like a glove.
Haha ty and yeahh xD if only you could edit them yourself :/

Anyway back to the topic, where are you all up to in the story? I lost the star awards to Isabella Carter (grrr) and now have to audition for a 48 hour film to do with mars, the name of it just vanished out of my head x.x
Ember 6 yr ago x
@Angel so i'm not the only one seeing Edward! Lol... None of the storyline Alassin's described has happened to me...which is annoying to no end. What about u?

@Regressive the prescription painkillers must be doing a number on u if u're talking to Prius-driving unicorns...the unicorns have moved on to the Tesla! oh and i'm afraid u might never get to the lilac shorts stage thru me, cos i could never dump u, u're too gorgeously normal! I might have to set up a Stardom fb account just to date u... Promise i won't buy u pink tank tops (u can share mine!) I'm asian, brought up on British english (i was gonna say "the Queen's english", but that sounded waaay too stuffy and posh *cringe*), so that might explain some things i say :) Oh and anytime someone mentions "waxing", i think of 40 year old virgin and fall over laughing. I know, to an outsider it doesn't seem normal that a person could get so happy over waxing.

@Alassin Crikey mate, u must be freezing your arse off, i heard the weather's been shite! ROFL just had to say that since u mentioned the "crikey mate" bit ;) My british relatives were just moaning last week about how it was snowing. Geez. Hey i didn't know u could do that "dump n refresh" thing to meet new people! What happens when u dump someone u don't have a relationship with? They just get removed from your contact list?

Right, yes, back to the game. i'm moving nowhere in the game. I still haven't gotten an update, so am stuck at 68.8mil fans and no new quests. And stupid politician just dumped me cos i didn't call him for all of about 12hrs *roll eyes* He's probably off buying himself some lilac shorts right now.
Ember 6 yr ago x
Here's me with the first ex bf Oliver in his lilac shorts.

Angel 6 yr ago x
here's me and my ex after he dumped me. not like I care. I'm more famous than him. *flips hair*

Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Ember Hi Ember! I got really impatient waiting for things to be fixed so I restarted my game. I finally got some of the quests previously mentioned and some from Charlene. But it's quite a pain to have to start all over again when you've been an A-lister already. Still not sure if I will get Max or nominations this time around so we'll see.
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
Looking good people! Ember I've just unlocked that dress 8D Ok I finally maxed out my relationship bar with my fiance in the hopes of "being married" and it's stopped at 1499 -_- I just need to find someone I like better now so I can dump him 8|
Hahaha I can't blame you for that ;D and yeah it's awful, actually reached 7 Celsius today :O shocker, we might need suncream! Ha yeah, they don't get removed from your contacts but they lose the pink heart icon and the relationship bar goes blank. You might be able to date them again but I haven't tried myself. It's a very handy trick :D also the Guess Name XP trick is a great companion to that one 8D
Haha aw shucks, did you know sometimes Charlene or Annie sometimes have important story dialogue opportunities for you (the yellow bubble with a black exclamation mark) even though they haven't called? It's worth checking up on them if you haven't heard anything for awhile.

Oh and good job you didn't say the Queen's English, I would have teased you relentlessly ;D
BeeMarie 6 yr ago x
No new quests after level 17. Max's secretary is still gone. Might just restart to see what happens.

Add me though. Lvl 17 #1 68.8 mil I gift all the time.
GC: *BiancaMarie*
AlassinSane 6 yr ago x
Righto the current story quest/goal I'm on is called "Love in Space", the film is The Red Heart of Mars and I've just turned lvl 15, 50mil fans. The Goals I had just before that were The Wooden Cuckoo and having to eat dinner with this eccentric director, and then the first Star Awards.

Hey seeing as you've started over again Chelsea do you think you could tell us the titles of the proper story jobs and goals you get, along with the names of the people you come across in the events? I just think it would be useful for future players to have a reference of quests to come, so they know if they've glitched or otherwise. I'd do the beginning ones myself but I've forgotten the details of most Dx
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@AlassinSane Sure thing!

I just finished "How I met your father", Charlene was the one who gave me this quest. I had to meet the actor who stars in this tv show at Club Spaceman (I think his names is Patrick Harrison Ford, not sure). Just remember this guy does not like smoking.

I'm now waiting for a call for "The Break". This is the Edward Hacker quest. Don't look him in the eye. And I'll have to go thru some other training for the movie, too, like accent training and boxing coz they changed the storyline or something and everyone was required to do the boxing training. =D

That's all I remember for now. I'm done with Episode 3 of the Oz series. So just waiting for Episode 4 at the moment.

Not so sure if I made the right move in making amends with my rival and not dating her bf. I didn't get all these quests and events the 1st time I played. I think the only ones I got the first time which I also got now were 'The Big Screen', 'Hawaii Po (and crime projects), and the Oz.
Angel 6 yr ago x
the game stopped working so I uninstalled it then installed it now I have to start over 8(

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