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Nemuri 6 yr ago x
I was wondering if I should switch agent and take Bling as my new agent. I read somewhere that there's was an issue with the game if you switch to Bling. Does anyone know about that?
Angel 6 yr ago x
is doing a movie with a contact like dating? cause I never really cared bout it even wen I was an A-lister #1
Angel 6 yr ago x
oh and the people hat decided not to date their rival's gf/bf wat happened or is it nothing like wen u do date them
Angel 6 yr ago x
for those of u that don't know u get fans for wearing dis exact outfit with accesories and everything
Angel 6 yr ago x
for this outfit

Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Angel Nothing happened when I decided not to date my rival's bf. Not sure if it was the right decision though.
Regressive 6 yr ago x
@Angel that's weird, I must be glitched because I put that exact outfit on and just got beat up and thrown out of a moving car :)

@Alassin per your advice I went to a high level dating area and just broke up with 27 girls on my list.. lol which means I was dating 28 at one time. Is this how Hollywood operates? Jesus, that's exhausting!

Also in this bizarro world, somehow you can call a girl down to a fancy restaurant, and even though she drove all the way down there just for you, when you dump her she disappears without a word! She doesn't wanna talk about things, she doesn't slap you and pour cheap liquor on you, she doesn't pull the chunky necklace off your neck, storm out and stalk you the next three years.. 27 dumpings WITHOUT INCIDENT!! Dude,I wanna live in that world!

On the other hand I have 3 psychotic ex-gfs who broke up with ME but every time I see them around, they're like "You know, I just.. I just don't think this is working out.."

It's like YEAH, I know, because you say this every single time you see me. You already dumped me for not calling you after 12 hours, and that was like 2 weeks ago, I was hoping you would get over it by now." It's brutal.. All three of them re-break up with me every time they see me, as if they're using the concept of renewed vows. Like they wanna make the break-up stronger lol..

Oh but there's always that 20 charm window they leave for me lol like "I know I'm a psychotic and I've dumped you like 37 times and everything but if you want to say something really sweet to me so we can start everything over.. I'll be here." Nah, I'll pass lol. I'm starting to have hangups and baggage, like pretty soon I'm just not gonna date NPC's anymore :D

@Ember lol yeah I think I was taking the wrong prescription there, that was some strong shit that would make me forget unicorns made the switch.. now that I'm on the right medication I see what was really goin on. There's a bunch of normal horses driving around in Prius's with cone party hats, trying to pass themselves off as unicorns and pick up A-Listers as they walk out of the clubs in an alcoholic haze. They're preying on us, it's pretty sick, watch out.

LOL anywayyyy yeah I'm thinking about making up a Facebook account I can use for this game. I know once I do, I can just do the same thing that got me my current twin, and I'll have another A-List clone walking around.. it'll be like that movie Multiplicity. Every clone will get dumber, and they'll all try to sleep with my girlfriend.

I'm trying to think of a funny name to use for the new clone. I used to listen to this funny hip hop album called "Handsome Boy Modeling School" and one of the DJs used an alter ego graduate of that school called "Nathaniel Merriweather III" lol of course you're going to be the one dating me so I wanted to make sure you didn't hate that name. If you have something else in mind, let me know, otherwise, with your blessing I'll make Nathaniel happen.
Angel 6 yr ago x
@Regressive lolz maybe u got beat up bc u forgot the hair and makeup ph and u need to shave that mustache 8ID> and beard.
oh and r u sure those r horses *squints* I see dragons. *shrugs* oh well.
Angel 6 yr ago x
this is the ugliest guy I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of ugly guys lolz

Angel 6 yr ago x
oh and btw I'm breaking up wit him
Angel 6 yr ago x
I was dating this B-lister guy and after I went on a date wit him I looked at my contacts and he turned into a C-lister. I used my energy on him for no reason I was like WTF
Angel 6 yr ago x
do I lose fans for not doin thr oz movies bc I don't want to.
Regressive 6 yr ago x
As far as I know the Oz thing is just a promotion because of the James Franco movie that came out and it only gets you some lame clothes. I got a top hat, the top half of a tuxedo and a dodgy bit of facial hair, I'll post it for laughs. If you don't wanna do the Oz movies, you don't have to. This is your world, Angel. Flip your hair at them and tell them you don't do remakes. You owe them NOTHING. *cheers you on*

As for the B-Lister going C on you, that's pretty shady. He must have poor work ethic and would have made a terrible boyfriend. Good thing you got out when you did.

LOL I love how you're like "This is the ugliest guy I've ever seen....... and I'm breaking up with him!" That would sound funny as hell if you said that in real life. Like you just start dating guys and THEN you find out what they look like and dump them. Sounds like the show Catfish.

I didn't know dragons could fit in cars.. they must make em smaller nowadays. I think I'd prefer to ride with a dragon than a horse, tho. Sounds like a good time. Pick me up!
Regressive 6 yr ago x
This is what I got for Oz.. not really worth it. From far away, Abe Lincoln, and up close, Douchey McDoucherson. :)

Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Regressive Douchey is a nicer name compared to Nathaniel. :p
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
Just finished 'Indefinite Indemnities', which was a quest from Riley, the owner or something of KTV studios. Not much to it but I got another project from him soon after finishing the first project.
Reira 6 yr ago x
Arnie asked me to do some kind of daytime soap... Yet he never calls for a soap, what should I do?
Gabby80 6 yr ago x
Hi everyone I just finished the Suburban Horror Story and now I'm meeting with the critic does anyone know what party we met at?

GC: ms_G
Angel 6 yr ago x
evelyn (rival) made me lose fans what the hell is wrong with her.

@Regressive lolz I know right. I just saw that ugly guy and he wanted me to flirt wit him. I would of seriously slapped him in the face.

oh and I don't think they make dragons. but I would totally pick u up IF (there's always a if or but lolz) u call urself Nathaniel Merriweather III.

U look great as Abe Licoln :p
Chelsea 6 yr ago x
@Reira I think you just have to wait. I'm not really sure if you have any other choice. :/

@Gabby80 Oh, I'm just about to begin doing that one. Sorry couldn't help
Angel 6 yr ago x
does the cars give u stuff like in stardom a-list?
Angel 6 yr ago x
omg I was like he's cute, thinking hes a b-lister or something. wen I saw he was a E-LISTER I was like wtf. why r all the cute guys so un-famous. I guess its bc their poor and can't afford the UGLY clothes c-listers and up have lolz. and look at wat he says O_O

Regressive 6 yr ago x
LOL Magic Camp.. never been.

I am finally #1 A-List and wanna hit lvl 17 and then I don't know what else to do because I think my game is glitched like Ember's. I just get calls from Arnie now but no story progression.

Thanks for the compliment Angel, I wasn't sure if I could make the top hat work for me.

Nathaniel out.. :P

And nope I don't think the cars give you anything in this one. I tapped them a bunch at first, so I'd be very surprised if it works.
Angel 6 yr ago x
omg I forgot HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
Gabby80 6 yr ago x
@Chelsea it's okay I just guessed. The answer was Harrison I believe he's the guy you go off on about smoking.
Regressive 6 yr ago x
Happy Easter & Happy April Fools Day just in case you forgot :)
Angel 6 yr ago x
Reira 6 yr ago x
@Chelsea Thank you for your answer!

I have another question... So I did that soap quest, then the dating quest (or perhaps it was before I'm not sure), and then Arnie told me that I should wait for a director to notice me and call. Yet Arnie only calls for stupid project, there's no quest anymore... I don't get anything new. Is that normal?
Angel 6 yr ago x
wats the mansion in the Hills for?
Angel 6 yr ago x
has anyone experienced the problem wen ur dating ur bf/gf at their house and there is like five dates their? and u have to do ALL of them? someone PLZ answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (plz) :-)
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