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james 9 yr ago x
I am still deciding if I should open an ECN account with or . Anybody any reviews? Are the spreads for real? Can you trade of the minimum deposit? How is the slippage when scalping? Thank you.
Kobra 9 yr ago x
There are way better options then those 2.
Jack 9 yr ago x
FXOpen spreads are not real, which means when you enter the market you will notice slippage of a few pips each time. If you are a scalper this adds up to your losses. Their ECN spreads are nothing more than a scam. Their minimum deposit is 200usd but their minimum trade size is 0.10 lot, that is too big to trade an account of that size. Both fxopen australia as use the same ECN feed.
fxopenaus fail 9 yr ago x
search the internet for fxopen scam. you will find a lot of examples. demo and live are completely different. slippage on live is a standard with fxopen. i don't think the liquidity providers they mention are for real. on another forum someone mentions fxopen's liquidity provider is fxopen itself. i believe this is true. not a true ecn broker at all. yes fxopenaus australia has the same feed/spreads as
fasttrader 9 yr ago x
Never use market orders with them. Severe slippage, as already mentioned above, is common with fxopen. Someone mentioned on forexpeacearmy there is some strange action going on fx crosses (I think it was on the fxopen australia thread). So I am not the only one noticing this.
fasttrader 9 yr ago x
^^ actually, because of this, I wouldn't recommend fxopen at all. Really, there are a lot of other brokers that have far better execution. You don't have to take my word for it, go live yourself and experience the same. Do not expect a live account will resemble the demo account.
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