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After playing for two months and levelling out at lvl 30 I believe this game is just another FarmVille in disguise. Level 30 gantas is about all I have left to complete and given the huge losses everytime I try to clear a bit more of his defences away - coupled with the time wasted waiting for more irOn to be produced I simply can't. E bothered with this meaningless and cynical game. Sure you can waste your life downloading more of the same BS for free nano pods on tapjoy, but when all is said and done this is basically a game designed on the same basis as a slot machine - give em just enough reward to keep on cOming back. Seriously does anyone really enjoy the grind of repetitive clicking to collect in game resources- Its typical Pavlovian conditioning... Give it a miss or give it up and play a real game that doesn't f$:$k away your life and time

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