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YES!! i figured it out took me a while, k first off your ipod or i device needs to be jailbroken, try this video all links in description but it depends on what firmware you have like mine was 4.3.1.. then once you got that go into cydia(its an app you get when you jailbreak) and go to the "manage" option at the bottom then press "sources" then top left edit button add and the url -Install The v3.0.0 of Metal Storm If it still free in the app store download it from there or use a cracked version of 3.0.0 (Not Need of 2.0.1 Anymore or edited plist) -Run MetalStorm 3.0.0 on your device and wait it to download the data (you must need to be logged in Gamecenter) After that go to cydia and use search option for MetalStorm Online 3.0.0 DLC install it and open metalstorm and voila!!!!

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