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Everyone's asking how to convert cash to credit. Duh??? If that happeneded GLU wouldn't be raking it in by people vying credit to buy weapons & they make it just a tad harder each stage so that you have to buy better stuff. At first it was one shot kill with a low power rifle. I then buy & use a mag fed sniper's sniper rifle and it takes two shos sometimes three to kill a bad guy. WTF. They upgrade the game now you have these new guns with bullets that can stop a raging bus on hormones. The catch is... It costs credits (money). What happened to the days of games for free meant games for free. Contents included. P.S. if you want free credits you first have to jailbreak your iPhone. Then there is a file which allows you to have as many credits as you want but then the game get boring. There's a web page on just how to do all that stuff. Look it up. You do have the web in the palm of your hand. Natsta

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