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Changing the time is the best solution, but here is the solution to do it directly when you are playing. First disconnect all data connexion (with Cydia or airplane mode but airplane mode you can't get incoming calls...). Enter the Smurfs app, then grow Pumpkin for example. Plug your iPhone to your computer, add 18 hours to your computer time, then open itune(disable the automatic syncro). Immediately the Pumpkin would grow.. simply harvest, and you can continue as long as you want... Now if you want to avoid the Papa smurf message:"I'm disappointed you have been overworking the smurfs by changing your clock, be careful or your smurfs will leave the village", I can explain, but it's a bit more complicate and you need a jailbreak iphone. In the app smurfs folder of your iphone you have a tmp folder. Some of the files are saved when you leave the app. So if you come back to the actual time on your iphone, when you reopen Smurfs, the app will immediately detect that you had open the app at a futur date, therefore Papasmurfs will warn you. So here is the solution, when you finish to play, exit, simply drag and drop on your desktop the files saved at a future date, change your computer date to the actual date and time, reopen itune (but no need to syncronize your iphone) and simply copy the file on your desktop to save them in the tmp folder of the smurf app. I used i-Funbox (PC) or diskaid(Mac) Enjoy :) and don't hesitate to ask me questions

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