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There are several cheats on the game where all (or most) zombies cannot reach you. I really dont feel like telling about all of the them, but the most common i use when i play is in the Scrap Yard - facing from the front of the Crane, go to the left barrier/wall. - there should be large pipes along with a large metal block - along the smaller piping from the south right corner (facing the front of the crane), there should be a hub cap - if you use the hub cap as a ramp by continually walking into it, you then appear to be walking on the barrier egde. - once you done this, you are then able to walk forward. keeping yourself close to the edge. - because of this, the zombies will glitch out and run into the center of the Scrap Yard instead of attack you. - BUT! boomers and spitter will realize where you are and will try to attack. - BUT! because you are along the barrier and also behind the large metal block, their attacks will not affect you! - hope you try it and have success :)

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