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1. Attached your device to your PC and open Diskaid. 2. Go to Apps>Snoopy's Fair>Documents. There you will find the file player_data.dat, right click it and copy to PC. Put it on your desktop. 3. Open Hex Editor and drag the data.dat file (player_data.dat) from your Desktop into it. 4. Find your coins, as for me my coins is 644, 805 which corresponds to 9d 6c5 in Hex. Once you find it the Snoopy bucks/dollars is just before it. Mine was 12, which is c. I changed my Snoopy dollars which is 12 to 5000, in Hex it is c to 1388. 5. Replace the player_data.dat. This should give you 5000SD. I copied this from my previous posts...good luck, Please go baack and read through the posts again, everything you need is there.

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