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You have to realize the problem with changing the date. It will COMPLETELY screw up your iPod/iPhone's time so unless you wish to do that, I suggest you play the old fashion way. If you have no patience to play (like I did before) what's the point of EVEN playing, right? And even if you ARENT stocking when you set your time back, youre not gonna sell anything until your current time catches up. For example, if you set it an hour ahead, stocked your items, then set the hour back, you're not selling ANYTHING for the next hour. Believe me, I tried it. I had about 50 floors, fully stocked levels, and...NO COINS cuz who wants to move the elevator all day. And my 'cheats' time was in the year of 2050. And glitches occur when you set the time, other time-sensitive games will be affected and bladablada blah. Jut play fairly. Do you REALLY need 500 floors in a day?

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