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So I have seen many people with the future problem. For example having to wait 9000 over days before the order arrives. Here's how to solve it. (works for me) So if your tiny tower now tells you that you have to wait 1000 days(example, yours may be 50 days or 9000, depends) all you have to do is go to settings and go about 10 years later.(One year 365 days. If your game tells you 5000 days, 5000\365 days is about 15 years? Go forward that amount of years.)After that, you will see that your order is done in the game. Restock it and go to settings and move a year ahead. Go back to the game and you will find that everything is sold. You will see those little orange exclamation marks at the side. LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! do not click anything and go back to settings. Change it back to the real date and check the games again. You should find everything back to normal and you can order goods per normal again. So HOPE THIS HELPS!(:

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