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Eenies at War Shiny Gems / Gold coins free cheats? (iphone app / ipad)

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how 10 yr ago x
i see people use more then one ankh a match and i want to know how they do it can u guys tell me how idk how to hack so
waymatt 10 yr ago x
a way to get daily bonuses whenever u want is to go to set date & time and move forward a year then and go back to the game and should get bonus. then back to set date & time and move foward 2 days. Do this everytime you go back to set date & time :)
z0m0dan 10 yr ago x
ok, if you want free gold and gem go to cydia add source: and search iap cracker install it and go to the game select buy gems an then click in 160 gems the game dont ask itunes account and buy free!
En Español vayan a cydia en sources(fuentes) agregen la repo: y busque iap cracker como se ve lo instalan y cueando vallan ajugar compran gemas en la tienda y no les va apedir cuenta ni nada solo les va decir compra completa y les van a salir las gemas agregadas!
Sorroya 10 yr ago x
Look I will soon make a hack soon about Dec. 25 I'll post the site

ynohtna01 10 yr ago x
what do i need to use the smart bomb in eenies at war???
Clustergunies 10 yr ago x
Can we get a free gems or gold coins in eenies? If can please tell me
Waymatt 10 yr ago x
DAng z0m0dan!!! It actually works!!! I'm balling with motha freaking 500 gems and 244262 coins!!!!
rockefeller 10 yr ago x
im a starter and wat animals should i choose? And sorrya wat ir ur gamecenter name? i NEED gems and coins plz
Trwuyi 10 yr ago x
Clustergunies right, how?
Sorroya 10 yr ago x
Well I got the hack to disconnecting hack add me

dre35slim 9 yr ago x
I no longer play Eenies guys i got band.
dre35slim 9 yr ago x
Envy if you read this send me v.45 ill start making the new gem hack. when i get it
slasher  9 yr ago x
im just a biginer player, i just want to know on how to hit my oponent in multiple times. please help me
SLASHER  9 yr ago x
is anybody can answer me ? just on how to do multiple turn or shot in a game
dre35slim 9 yr ago x
JMZ what software are you using to hack!
Ieatnewbies 9 yr ago x
I want gems and gold on eenies
JMZ 9 yr ago x
JMZ IS BACK.... Hey maybe u guys seen my new account.... HA€K£R..... (add me) ;) I REGISTERED MY ACCOUNT AT VACAVILLE SAMS CLUB...on the 2 iPads they have ... Yes!!!! Anyone could use my account
JMZ 9 yr ago x
U use ifile to hack.... ( jailbroken only )
JMZ 9 yr ago x
If already jailbroken... Get XSellize... Then search for iAp Cracker ..... This would allow u to get all u could get with real money (like 160 gems that is $16.00 ) free. (works with other apps nOt patched. ;) )
hazzar 9 yr ago x
using 3shot wasp with laser goggles and full catapult might give you a one shot kill and if done properaly a 2shot bullet bomb with machinax and be a one shot kill
JMZ 9 yr ago x
See my picture of eenies

JMZ 9 yr ago x
Changed my name to
Stream 9 yr ago x
okay guys heres a good glitch so listen close

equip plant (red pref) and then sell the roots after that equip blue ufo drive (or whatever legs you want) then sell the green bean and re-buy it then you will have a plant with blue ufo drive

#2 with this newly mod'd plant you can sell all of the projectiles (machine, multi, green) and then while you are in a game select teleport, use the teleport and next turn you will have unlimited teleports, if this works wait till your predator missile is ready (works with SS too) and then use it and you will have unlimited predator missiles

TIPS for glitch 2 try not to buy poison beans as they costs gems so you don't want to sell the. and glitch 2 also works with artillary, airstrike and nuke so enjoy
Stream 9 yr ago x
someone asked how to use more than one ankh,
you can only do this buy either hacking or recieving an ankh as a reward for winning a game while you already have one
sorriya is finally back! 9 yr ago x
I got many hacks, but it seems 35% is already have been posted... But anyways,
As u know, iAP Cracker,
and Many glitches.
If u guys want the MOFO hacks, Unlimited SS, Nuke Hacks, and other really interesting stuff, Subscribe me til I have 150 subs and Ill post an YouTube Vid.
sorriya 9 yr ago x
Oh btw its

Good Playing!

edit admin: subscribing services etc. not allowed here, just post any cheats/hacks here. thank you.
dre35slim 9 yr ago x
Good news everyone me and Envy have new hacks coming soon!!! MSG me on eenies or Envy for glitches hacks ect. Sorry for not getting back to a few people I try my best to help all you guys. Add me Gamecenter dre35slim
PAWNED 9 yr ago x
... Okkkk Ill soon post a link for patching the eenies at war.

Please say yes if I should post the file thats Eenies at War 2.1 version. I had backed up, and could downgrade the version of eenies.
sorriya=PAWNED 9 yr ago x
kkk Ill just post an link...
here it is any of them... sorry guys not my idea to put it on! Copy Rights
dre35slim 9 yr ago x
Why would you have to downgrade???
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