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JellyCar 3 walkthrough secret exits cheats level multiplayer chasms exit

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guest 10 yr ago x
I need A LEVEL EDITOR like in Jelly Car 2. Also, please add more levels, and the cars from Jelly Car 2! Other than that, I really like the game, especially the secret exits!

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guest 10 yr ago x
I love it! And i agree, THIS NEEDS A LEVEL EDITOR!
guest 10 yr ago x
I always go for secret exits and it gets me thinking where they are. It was really addicting untill I beat all the levels. But it is one of the best games ever.
Tquad 10 yr ago x
I need help with all the secret exitsni jab found most but still
Guest 10 yr ago x
Is this game multiplayer I can't see a button that says multiplayer and sometimes I see it other places on the phone so is it?
Guest 10 yr ago x
I looove jelly car 3 its my fav game
It just gets boring cuz iv found all da secret exits i jus need 3 stards on some in time and space

Jelly car 3 NEEDS a level editor!!!
Mimi 10 yr ago x
Yeah if you go al theway to the side to the left on jelly car 3 or to the right there is a cloud with a seceret level
Guest1 9 yr ago x
On verses some people defeat the 'How to play level in 0.005 seconds! How is that possible? Also secret levels in clouds left and right.
Brandon 5 yr ago x
Where is the secret exit in chasms?
Derek 5 yr ago x
Brandon. I know where it is. If you go where the two squares make a path for you to cross at the beginning then when it falls you give it like two seconds then fall in then it raises up to make a path. You to flying then grab a balloon. Take te balloon to the cloud and it is there. But yes I wish there was an editor.
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