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how we do it 1. You need a personal computer to connect your itouch / ipad to. 2. search for "iphone explorer" in google and download the file or go to 3. Download PC version 4. Install the program. (you may need to restart your pc for it to take effect) 5. OPEN " iphone explorer " 6. PLUG in your device "ipad or Itouch," (close itunes if it opens) 7.wait for the information to appear in explorer (may take 10-20 seconds) 8. expand the + on the apps icon (left hand side of screen) 9. look for com.capcommobile.smurf 10 click on com.capcommobile.smurf 11 you shoud now get a + on this com.capcommobile.smurf 11 click on the + 12 click on Documents 13 search for a file on the left hand side called default01.smurfmap 14 highlight the file default01.smurfmap 15 Drag this file to your desktop 16 email me this file on my gmail account 17 I will then add smurfberries and return this file to you - all your settings and progress will be the same as it was when you sent file to me except for the extra smurfberries..

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