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Zombie Farm 1/2 iPhone game app brains/blue gravestone cheats/guide/walkthrough/tips

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leslie 13 yr ago x
How to get brains and the blue gravestone without actually paying real money it? Otherwise the game is very good! The zombies are very cute :)

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-lollipop786- 13 yr ago x
where can u get free brains and money from
no hacking or any complications please x
thanx for ur help
boooo 13 yr ago x
WTF can someone tell me how to get fee brains on zombie farm!!!!
JH HK 13 yr ago x
three FREE ways:
1. daily surprise (i got it once only...)
2. loot (got twice...)
3. collect brain fragments after d/l & open some certain apps in promo (u can find them in "market" > "brain" > "brain fragment"). when u save 100 pieces of fragment, u'll get one free brain

hope can help
zombieaddict 13 yr ago x
Hi my game keeps crashing on my iPhone when I start it from the home screen. Anybody know what I could do, please help.
JH HK 13 yr ago x
seems this s the problem of the most updated version. i didnt experience that before but the newly updated version happens, even not v often. but if u experience badly, why not u try to remove n then re-install it again.
clay 13 yr ago x
How can i get brains for the game with out paying for them, im on level eleven and i have not been able to up grade or get other things, the game is good but is very slow when waiting for things to grow, You need the brains to progress but i do not want to pay to play the game, also i have waited over four hours for my zombies to get hungry before sending them out to attack and it was still saying they are only a bit hungry, so i would still lose.
Please advise
JH HK 13 yr ago x
the most updated version, there r only TWO ways to get the FREE brains:
1. daily surprise (i got it once only ...)
2. loot after u win in an invasion (comes more often new version ...)

btw, may i advise u NOT trying to invade when ur zombies r not hungry enough. b'coz u hv to wait another 2 hrs to do another invasion (no matter u win or lose).

if u win, u will hv a loot. sometimes gold, sometimes "instant harvest", somestimes "instant plow", sometimes "brains"!!!!

may i tell u sth tricky... when u r in an invasion n u can forsee u will lose soon, press the home button to force quit the game, then close the running game, then re-enter.... u will find all ur zombies alive, with the same hungry level..... but sorry, u hv to wait another 2 hrs to invade.... however, it can save all ur dying zombies!
jayden 13 yr ago x
@ clay @JH HK also you can go to setting go to time and date and put the time ford a couple hours this both skips waiting 4 invasion and waitin zombiest 2 get hungry also works 2 harvest crops
JH HK 13 yr ago x
yes i did use that before. but when i reset the date/time back to normal, it counts back the hours!!
did u try that?
Harajuku girls 13 yr ago x
I tap on the game icon and it starts to load but then jumps back to icon screen on my iPhone. It has been 3 days now and my zombies are going to eat my farmer and bunnies brains soon!! Help!
JH HK 13 yr ago x
@Harajuku girls
I experienced the same situation sometimes. U hv to close the running apps, and then re-open. Loading will be resume normal.
If u dunno how to close the running app, double-click the HOME button n u will find the running apps at the bottom. Long press on apps icons, then a "cross" appear, u can then select the apps u wanna close; OR
u can simply re-switch on ur iphone to close all the running apps.
Chel 13 yr ago x
I'm level 12 and have ONLY gotten 1 brain on my very first invasion! What can I do?! The game isn't given up brains and now I can't progress!
potatoes 13 yr ago x
why do brains cost money and what the heck do they do!!!!!!!
Cydia 12 yr ago x
Jailbreak ur iPhone then. Use Cydia to hack games. To learn how to hack a game just search on YouTube
Qwerty 12 yr ago x
You could just do the time glitch for quick crops where you adjust the time in settings and then you harvest and set it back mind you you'll have to wait up to 999hours but just use an invade immediately ticket

Jamison Lee 12 yr ago x
Add me on game center. Zombie farm and smurfs village are my main apps. Thanks! I gift daily!!!!
jarrsl123 11 yr ago x
I weny tovisit a friends farm on zombie farm 2 and it wont let me out of it! Please help:(
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