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Doodle Fill Levels iphone/ipod touch/ipad game app

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guest 8 yr ago x
I hope by the time I finish all of the levels they add more or they make more games like this!!

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guest 8 yr ago x
The free version only contains 40 levels, not 120!! They get you to play the free levels and then tell you when you beat those that you can buy the rest.
guest 8 yr ago x
Wellm I upgraded to the paid app. You'll most likely finish this free version in less than 30 minutes. I think the paid version has 80 levels by the way.
Chloe 8 yr ago x
How do you
Happycamperjf 8 yr ago x
Level 76 is really hard!! My mom and I are trying really hard to pass this level.
 8 yr ago x
level 120 is reallly hard.
anyone up to it yet???
Mabby 8 yr ago x
Any one pass level 76? If so how? Been working on it off and on for 2wks.
wall1132 8 yr ago x
wow yeah ive been stuck on level 120 for a day now! frustrating!!!!!
Jess 8 yr ago x
I've been stuck on level 73 for 2 weeks now!! Now I'm worried to pass this one cuz I'm
Just gonna get stuck again!! Lol
Pearl 8 yr ago x
I'm stuck on level 120. Some are very hard but most can be done in 1 or 2 tries.
Lexagurl2000 8 yr ago x
How do u pass level 31 because I just got this game and I have no fricken idea!
Pearl 8 yr ago x
I finally beat the game. I took a screenshot and printed out the picture. Then I put a price of clear tape over the image and colored with dry erase markers.
emily 8 yr ago x
I CAN NOT GET PASSED LEVEL 34!!! i have been trying for like 2 days now and cant get it at all!
cammie 8 yr ago x
stuck on 76 for 3 weeks now any tips?
Bongoboo 8 yr ago x
Stuck on level 76 can't get past it. Plz help.
Sophie 8 yr ago x
Anyone past level 76? Do u know how to pass it quickly and level 31 is easy if u go with it fill in everyone and fix ur mistakes later
ACE 7 yr ago x
Hairy cherry 5 yr ago x
You guys are way ahead of me I'm only on lvl 34!!!!
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