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Racing Penguin Flying Free iphone cheats levels ipad ipod touch game app

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guest 13 yr ago x
Towards the higher levels the bear goes faster when the penguin goes faster making it almost impossible to beat it. Overall fun game.

tags: tiny wings, angry birds, tips, help, hacks
guest 13 yr ago x
Ripoff of Tiny Wings! Easy until level 7 rainbow world, from that level it's impossible to beat.
guest 13 yr ago x
Which game is better Angry Birds, Tiny Wings or Racing Penguin?
Racepenguinracer 13 yr ago x
Hi everyone. Race penguin is super fun, i beat level 7 rainbow, and im on level 8. Levels 7&8 make the game interesting and their not impossible. Level 8 might be really hard beacause they dont have another world for us to play on yet, overall very good game.
Guest 13 yr ago x
Can somebody give hints/ explain how to beat the bear in race penguin rainbow level 7?? Have been trying for hours!!!
besse 13 yr ago x
have been stuck on level 7 rainbow race penguin for days! i'm soooo stsuck its driving me mad! PLEASE HELP!
bee 13 yr ago x
I can't get past level 7 it's not impossible to pass but it's annoying. Plus it's so addicting I can't stop playing. I've never played tiny wings so I can't compare it. How can anyone compare race penguin to angry birds? They're nothing like each other!
Penguin PHD (SPA) 13 yr ago x
Oh, I've beat level 7 in racepenguin. Itís actually quite simple. First accelerate down the peak, double tap twice in the upper left corner of the screen, then watch your penguin lightning bolt to mid level. Next, accelerate down the second extra large peak (yes SECOND, you must clear the first peak in order to do so), and this time you double tap in the bottom left corner. By now you should have cleared 90% of the level. From here, you are on your own. Good luck my fellow racers! This is Penguin PHD, over and out!
RacePenguinPlayaPete 13 yr ago x
I got this game the other day and all levels were pretty easy until I got to level 8 rainbow. Here are a few tips of how to beat level 7:
1. Play the level a lot to become familiar with the level so you know what to expect. Memorize the first part of the level if you can.
2. To beat this level you need to have quick reaction and accuracy. Make sure you can hit the curves perfect because if you make one mistake you cant beat it.
3. In this level there isn't many big curves in the beginning to help you pick up you speed. You need to rely on the fish on the ground to do that.
4. After the preparations listed above, you need to realize speed and time are the most important things you need for this level so you need to hit curves that can make you go far instead of going high. These curves appear to have a lower end on the right side. If you graph the equation 2^-x in a calculator, that sort of how the curve looks like.
5. You need to hit as many of those curves as possible. When you get to the end there aren't those curves anymore so you need to make sure you keep your speed up by hitting the small curves perfectly. Make sure you don't decelerate at the end.
8. Keep trying!! & Good luck!

Let me know if this works for you.
Matt 13 yr ago x
How do you beat level 7 on race penguin?!!!!!!!!
Torgy 13 yr ago x
AlOt of people are saying get familiar with level 7 on race penguin... I've been plain that level for days and I can't beat it... But everytime, the level is different, no curve is the same... Otherwise I would have passed it already.... And the lightning bolt trick is fake btw.... Anybody have any more advice... I agree wit the advise of hitting the slopes that make you go further than higher... I get SO close and at the very end the bear gets me... It's driving me mad
Joseph 13 yr ago x
How do you beat level 8? A lot of the descriptions people give for level 7 sound like level 8. I passed 7 first try but 8 is impossible. Never start on the hill, and I barely get halfway through the level and the bear eats me. Has anyone beat level 8?
Linda 13 yr ago x
Yeah. I'm stuck on level 8 as well. I'm always within a centimetre (on the scale) from the finishing line when the bear catches me. =/ Been playing for 3 hrs straight since I got this. Rawr. Any tips to beat level 8 is appreciated. Thank you!
Milk 13 yr ago x
Ive been trying to beat level 8 for about a week, and still cant do it. i beat level 7 after a few days. im addicted and its driving me CRAZY. Any help? ...Please.. *puppy dog face*
Mada123 13 yr ago x
I figured out level 7-8 on rainbow you have to go down a lot when your in the air your not as fast as on the ground all you need is perfect timing to get max speed
saraewd 13 yr ago x
just beat the whole game
Katiee :) 13 yr ago x
I reeally seriously can!t do lvl 7 i've tried all the tips its sooo hard!
david 13 yr ago x
i finished level 8 no tricks or cheats, took me a couple of hours tho! at the start you need to have a steap downhil and not so steap up. You dont make speed by going high, you have to go far. I finished it whit 5-6 jumps. you need a bit luck that you go press down on exactly the right moment. so you catch another steap down and not so high uphill.? When you finish there is no suprise, just automatic back to menu. Very addictive game, im glad i finished. If you made seven you can make six.? its not impossible. JOOO
david 13 yr ago x
sorry for my bad english. At the end i mean: "if you can finish 7 you can finish 8 aswell, keep on trying!!
AMnad a 13 yr ago x
please help me im on level 7 in rainbow world its soooo hard even my 16 year old sister cant do it
Pmm621 13 yr ago x
Finally beat level 8.. All advice above is great.. I just restarted in the beginning if it is a bad first hill.. I'm curious to know if it's even possible to beat it every time? With some of those crazy hills I doubt it.. Any way definitely keep trying.. It feels great to finAlly beat it.. Make sure to take brakes and delete it when you beat it.. Or go for all three stars ; )
Thedrerock 13 yr ago x
I got trough level 7 u just can't make as many mistakes and pay attentention to the curves ur going on, not how close the bear is and how close is the finished line. So does anyone have advise for level 8 I he catches up to me when the music pauses every time. I can't get used to it cuz it's different each time!!! Help plz!
Eisenherz 13 yr ago x
I' ve finally made level 8 in 25 sec. (2 stars!!!) after trying houndreds of times...
FAIL1234568 13 yr ago x
I am such a fail at this how do u beat world 2 level 1!!!! So stuck! :(
I 13 yr ago x
i beat level 7 but cant beat level 8 please help
Barry 13 yr ago x
Been trying level 8 for a few days now. Just Got 99% and the bear ate me. Ninety f@$&"in nine percent. Arrrghh. C'mon bear
Adam Ali 12 yr ago x
Are there any cheats for it!!!!!
addict 12 yr ago x
funny to read all this!
me too stuck in level 8
I was lucky my battery was empty or i would be playing all night
so far 90percent was the best
after updating a new level, I suddenly had some new fishes availeble but didnt help either
Hunky monkey 12 yr ago x
I am on Hawaii level8 can't beat it any ideas please
Cc m 12 yr ago x
I am stuck on level 8 the sand one starts with s the world starts with a s
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