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CHEAT KING 10 yr ago x
i found cheattemple run new 2013 update and got 5,000,000,000,00

CHEAT KING 10 yr ago x
found cheat tiny wings got to world 11 only epic fail : [

CHEAT KING 10 yr ago x
Cmk 10 yr ago x
Beat everything! Fun!
mohsin786 10 yr ago x
stuck on level 6 on BRAZIL for ages got any tips!!!!!!!!!
:) 10 yr ago x
i have unlocked every level. antartica, sahara, brazil, rainbow and hawaii!!!!
PickelLover 10 yr ago x
well im 15 years old on rainbow level 8... been playing for alost a day now and i cant beat it :( i need help and fast cus im going crazy.. anyone know hoe to beat it?
Kat 10 yr ago x
How do u beat level 8 in Sahara world?? My little sis and I have been tryin to beat it.
Beauty 10 yr ago x
I can't pass level 6 of brazil I'm so stuck and I just can't pass this level for nothing! Please help!
gigiL 9 yr ago x
Please someone explain level 4 on rainbow it seems hacked!! I cant do it!!:( -_-
Elsie 9 yr ago x
I AM STUCK ON LEVEL 8!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLZ!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱........................😃
Elsie  9 yr ago x
Oh I forgot to mention that I'm on rainbow level
ICheat 9 yr ago x
:D my super fish helped me 3 star all the levels!

ICheat 9 yr ago x
Ps. If you did not see i have 999 super fish and i use them on multiplayer
ICheat 9 yr ago x
This is how you get them you go to settings and change the date so the game thinks its tomorrow and you get free super fish😄!
Penguin smasher 8 yr ago x
Flying mountains level 7 is pissing me off big time any nerds no how to do it
Tammy 8 yr ago x
I cannot get pass level 8 in Hawaii! It's impossible!!!!!!!! How?????!!!?!?!
Dick Hard 8 yr ago x
It was easy. I beat it twice in a row. These tips worked! I only beat it because of them. My fave. It only took me five jumps. And also do not mess up on anything and luck is required. Also dont fly around in the air you have to be concise. All and all not a hard level once you read these tips I just think the game is easy in comparison!
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