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How can you hack/cheat on Sims Freeplay? Simoleons Life Points iPhone 4 / Ipod

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dude007 11 yr ago x
Anyone successful with this?

tags: ipod touch, simoleons cheats, life points, ipad
Mike 11 yr ago x
Thegamemaster 11 yr ago x

Go to the store
Press the home button
Go back
Press cancel
Go back to the store
Get lp and casgh for free
Worked for me
Ktesen 11 yr ago x
Thank you very much, I tried and it's worked!!!
canadadude 11 yr ago x
I have an iPad2 and I tried what you did but didn't work. Can you tell me which is the home button you are referring to? Perhaps I got the button wrong. I also couldn't cancel. I am also assuming the store is the place to buy more lp and cash?
ladyjay0786 11 yr ago x
tried the suggestion of thegamemaster and it did not work.
Opposite lizzy 11 yr ago x
The cheat doesnt work if you already updated it to the toddler update so you cant do it
remix 11 yr ago x
Jodie 10 yr ago x
how do I get lifestyle points on android?
hi 10 yr ago x
Thegamemaster it wont work and i did ecactly wat u said
Sims 10 yr ago x
That didnt work for me thegamemaster.
CheatzMaster 10 yr ago x
Yo wazzup?
Wanna earn simoleons?
Listen up,bros.
1.Go to sims freeplay the purple shop button
3.As soon as u press the purple button,exit the app.
4.Go settings>date and time>set date and time
5.Make it 2 yrs back,then double tap your home button,hold the sims freeplay icon,and press the red minus,don't worry it won't delete the game.And set another 2 yrs back.
6.go to sims
7.and press the purple shopping cart,they would say server timed out say ok,
8.exit game
9.go settings,change 2 years ahead,delete your history,ahead another 2 yrs
10.go to sims
11.there's your simoleons!Receive your simeoleons by your levels,as shown below..
Level 1-5, 1,000 simeoleons
Level 5-10, 5k simeolons
Level 10> 10,000..
It works,
:D 10 yr ago x
CheatzMaster it worked! thanks!
azlan 10 yr ago x
How do i get unlimited lifestyle points on my galaxy note 10.1
Gabluv 10 yr ago x
Cheats master what exactly do you mean by delete history
coolbeans 10 yr ago x
double click home and a bar should come up then hold the app and at the corner of the app the should be a red circle with a white line through it, tap that and the app would be deleted.
Rae 10 yr ago x
I already have unlimited simoleans how can I cheat for lifepoints?
PianoGirl 10 yr ago x
Changed my nickname from Rae to PianoGirl
I'm-not-weird-I'm-a-origanal 10 yr ago x
I need unlimited lp how do I get that
Dance forever  10 yr ago x
It worked yay but how do u get free lp
Nater rocks  10 yr ago x
Cheatzmaster I did what you said but when I double tap the home button and hold down the sims game and go back to the game it says that I need Internet but I have Internet so what should I do
Confused 10 yr ago x
It's not working I have an iPod touch and its still not working
Confused2 10 yr ago x
I did everything u said step by step and it didnt work what do I do now?
Red  10 yr ago x
It loads the store that fast I haven't gat time to
Help 10 yr ago x
Okay i need help to get Lifepoints for GalaxySll i really need them please some one email me if u know at
orel 10 yr ago x
how i get free lp for galaxy wonder??
Fran 10 yr ago x
When I change the year it says can not connect to server but I can still go on google, why?
blahblah 10 yr ago x
sims wont work if the year isnt 2013 -.-
jjahnja 9 yr ago x
that cheat is not working in my android maybe that cheat not work for samsung galaxy mega >_<
Khubi 9 yr ago x
How can we delete our history?tell me exactly what you are trying to say
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