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Global War free Honor Points get more cheats for iphone

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john 8 yr ago x
The app is free but I like World War a bit more. There's nothing much you can do in this game unless you buy honor Points. I also have crashes every now and then. Will try playing the game a bit more.

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Bellakry 8 yr ago x
cpt mcmillan 8 yr ago x
JJ 8 yr ago x
Seth 8 yr ago x
I want free honor points and money lots of it
Conor 8 yr ago x
cheats are awesome
Denlapeh 8 yr ago x
Plz cheat for free honor point
Denlapeh 8 yr ago x
I want free honor point and money lots of it
bellakry 8 yr ago x
thanks. i would appreciate honor and money cheats if thats alright. and i will play more too.
james 8 yr ago x
i totaly agree, its hard to progress in the game,unless you keep paying for everything, have you got any cheats for honor points? if you have would be good. thanks.
Mookey187 8 yr ago x
How do I get free honor points
Joel 8 yr ago x
The best way to get free honor points is to participate in the weekend wars (the second tier usually awards 2 honor points, and there are 4-5 opportunities per day), and to max the levels on missions... Other than that you can buy them.
Kai 8 yr ago x
Any cheats for global war?
I'm u dead 8 yr ago x
Free honor points/ lotto tickets
1boy 1bridge  8 yr ago x
Search me on global war. 1boy 1bridge. And ask how to join 'GW REBELS'
qwert 8 yr ago x
to get a cheat, first you have to become a fan of it on facebook then you can go on the forum and it shows you the weekly cheatcode. then in the game go to social, then to redeem, type in the code and you get the benefits of the cheat!
Itz xxjurko 8 yr ago x
If you buy a territory u get hella money

Global war: itz xxjurko

Add me. ^^^^^^
I love fole 8 yr ago x
Airstrips did not worck
j loc amoke 8 yr ago x
I need honor points I don't kno how ta get em and I keep running outta ammo hook mee uuup pleeeaaase?!?!?
Esteban 8 yr ago x
Need honor and ammo help!
Mario 8 yr ago x
What are some. Redeem codes for global war
Bodybuilder1 8 yr ago x
What r some redeem codes??? Please Help Me
David 8 yr ago x
Redeem Code: dogtags Refills: Energy, Health, Ammo, & Bravery.
Chucknorris 8 yr ago x
What are some codes
Freakleash01 8 yr ago x
What are some redeem codes
Blaze2121 8 yr ago x
How do I get codes for money and honor
Lewis b 8 yr ago x
Infinite lotto tickets and 10 honour points everytime we log on!!!
Kkk 8 yr ago x
Free honor points in global war how plsss help :))
gamer88 8 yr ago x
is it possible to get infinite lotto tickets and 10 honour points every time you log in?

dose any body know cheats to get more money faster?
Demonoftherings 8 yr ago x
Could i get the cheats please
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